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The best of the mobile web 2008

MobiThinking has put together a list of what it considers to be the top principles of a good mobile website and they list examples of what sites they feel exemplify these best practices. The list of principles is great but I found their examples to be very lacking. The white paper mostly focuses on the major sites and brands such as ESPN and the Weather Network, but completely lacks any popular technology blogs such as Engadget, who have a great mobile site. I’ll post the categories and examples, as well as point out some good insight from a fellow blogger Jason DaPonte, who works with BBC Mobile Platforms.
Click through to read the best of the mobile web 2008 as well as some good insight

New Google search for the iPhone

The new Google search for the iPhone is much more like the Google search you see on your desktop. This is great considering the iPhone is constantly trying to replicate the desktop browsing experience. With the new Google search, you’ll get a map, contact info, address and related search results, all with a single touch.



BlackBerry Bold vs iPhone web browser showdown

The first thing you should note about the above video, is that it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It is not the flawless test that they make it out to be. Some people are reporting that the test wasn’t on a WiFi connection and that the Bold may have been taking data off the towers instead. If that’s the case, the Bold is still a contender in the race for a great mobile web browser.

UPDATE: This video was taken down by RIM. Sorry.

[Via MobileComputingMag]

Flash application successfully ported to iPhone

Thomas Joos, a Belgian Multimedia Developer, has successfully ported Flash Lite to the iPhone. It is very interesting to watch his application work on the iPhone but it does not do anything for our web browsing experience. YouTube and other Flash supported sites are a large part of our internet experience and without Flash support, we’re still stuck in the WAP style browsing world.

It’s also interesting to note that Adobe has not had a successful test of Flash for the iPhone web experience. Adobe has been mildly successful so far and their CEO Shantanu Narayen said the company had a version of Flash running on an iPhone emulator (on a Mac), but not yet on an actual phone.

To find out how Joos has ported his flash application to the iPhone, take a look at his framework called b.Tween and a graphics tool called eyeGT.

The port uses a framework that sits on top of eyeGT, a graphic renderer capable of handling vector graphics and bitmaps. eyeGT allows definition of buttons, animations, hierarchical containers, color and special effects, and the like. It works on the iPhone/iPod touch as well as several other mobile devices. Joos created a framework called b.Tween that allows easy conversion of applications to ActionScript, a scripting language used for Flash development. The result is native, Flash Lite-compliant code that is passed through eyeGT for rendering.

This definitely piques my interest but I’m not about to jump for joy until it is fully embedded with web support.

[Via Silicon Alley Insider]

Dashwire syncs your mobile and desktop

Engadget Mobile has a great in-depth look at Dashwire, a digital content sharing from mobile to desktop application.

Dashwire is completely free and it’s broken into 2 parts: the web component, which supports any OS you choose and a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 client. The product will basically sync your entire life between both your mobile and computer. Pictures, SMS, ringtones, Visual Voicemail, contact management and social networking statuses are all synced with Dashwire.

[Via Engadget Mobile]