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Vivendi launches Urban Attack

Vivendi Games Mobile has announced the release of Urban Attack.

Originally announced back in October, Urban Attack is set in 2046 puts and players in control of Yuri, a covert operative in the US under the direction of the mob-controlled Russian government. The 3D FPS game features 60 different shooting phases, 100 character animations, and 14 different enemy behaviors, as well as a number of side-quests, four unique environments, and more. I-play has gone to great lengths to make the game playable on over 400 handsets.

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Vivendi announces Urban Attack

Vivendi Games Mobile has announced the upcoming launch of their new FPS Urban Attack.

The game is set in 2046. The Russian Mafia controls the Russian government, and has implemented the UCCK. The UCCK network is comprised of technology and psy-ops experts and was set up to operate covertly in the US, although the reasons why are shrouded in mystery. Players take control of Yuri, a 17 year old agent of the UCCK.

“We wanted to develop a fast paced, original mobile game, that retains the look and feel of a more traditional shooter while being designed to function across hundreds of handsets, instead of a limited number of 3D devices,” said Vincent Dondaine, the game’s producer. “Players will enjoy the easy to use targeting system which is so smooth it quickly becomes second nature. This title overcomes the typical challenges a game of this type for mobile presents, and we hope it proves to be a successful model for mobile games moving forward.”

The game will be released this holiday season for a wide range of phones.