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Sony Ericsson C510 made more affordable with new features

The Sony Ericsson C510 was recently made official.
The C510 is the latest in the Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot family and is supposed to be a smooth improvement over previous editions. This new model, is expected to be a little more affordable and yet offer the same quality cameraphone technology that is expected from Cyber-Shot.

A new feature arriving on the C510 is the introduction of Smile Shutter. This new feature allows the user to capture the smiles of freinds and family effortlessly by detecting the smile and immediately taking the photo.

Finally! Sony has managed to end the saying of the word “CHEESE!”



US Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 delayed

It seems a US version of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 won’t be arriving until January 2009. Previous reports put the launch date somewhere around yesterday, but clearly that hasn’t happened. Best Buy isn’t accepting pre-orders of the phone anymore and Sony’s official online store puts the launch date at January 12, 2009. Sorry guys, no XPERIA for the holidays this year.



The Sony Ericsson W705 Walkman phone confirmed

Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson is making huge headlines these days with the anticipation surrounding their incredibly pricey $800 XPERIA X1 but that shouldn’t deter interest from their other devices such as the W705 Walkman phone, which has recently been announced.

The SE W705 Walkman phone has some great hardware specs including HSDPA support, 3G, 3.2 MP camera with a flash, plus a secondary video call lens, the latest Walkman v3.0 software, an FM RDS radio and YouTube. All of these specs make for a well-rounded entertainment phone. But that’s not all! The Sony Ericsson W705 is the first Walkman phone to come with Wi-Fi. So forget nasty data charges and download all the video and music you like.



Sony Ericsson W705 ad features cute girls dancing (video)

The Sony Ericsson W705 was unveiled yesterday and they’ve got an ad circulating on the net to drum up some hype. The ad is fun because it features cute girls dancing and playing around with the phone. The phone is going to be a decent music device so if you’re looking for a phone that isn’t smart, but has some good media capabilities then check it out.



Pixon, INNOV8, KC910, C905 - 8MP camera phone comparison

A while back we posted a great comparison piece that a Russian site put together comparing two 8 MP camera phones. GSMArena has done an incredible job and topped that post by comparing a whopping 4 8MP camera phones! The article breaks down which is the best 8MP camera phone between the LG KC910, the Samsung M8800 Pixon, the Sony Ericsson C905, and the Samsung INNOV8.

The review is massive at 7 pages but I’ll help you and spoil the whole thing with a quick summary:
Click through for a summary of these 4 phones

HTC Touch Pro vs the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1


While reading HoFo, I found someone looking for a comparison of the HTC Touch Pro and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. The post is interesting because the author outlines exactly what they’re looking for in a phone. I think it’s a real sign of the times that a decent camera is on the top of the list.

- 3MP camera or higher (flash is even better!)
- Keyboard of some sort (QWERTY or normal keypad is fine but I txt ALOT)
- WiFi (absolute must, I do not intend on using a data plan)
- Good web browser (as close to iPhone experience as I can get)
- Must work internationally (in China, at least)
- I do not care about 3G
- Affordable mix of quality + price

I’ve put together a quick comparison of the Xperia X1 and the HTC Touch Pro with respect to which one I think this author should purchase.

Continue reading to see which phone should be purchased

Sony Ericsson C905 launching set for October launch

The Sony Ericsson C905 with an 8MP camera

We’ve been posting pretty regularly about the C905 and other 8MP cameras because the idea of having so many MPs makes me feel all warm inside. Finally, we have a cameraphone that is worthy of taking on vacation as your sole picture taking device. With cyber shot, auto focus and image stabilization, you know that pic you just took of your summer fling will come out looking great.

Not only does the camera put out a whopping 3264×2448 pixels, but the video is good enough to make an independent film with. At 30 fps, Sony really outdid itself. The GPS capabilities on this phone will also make for great LBS apps. Think about the potential in taking high rez images and video that is completely geotagged and perfect for blogging.
Click through for more details and specs on the Sony Ericsson C905

Shaking Wallpaper by Mobivention for Sony Ericsson devices

Mobivention sent us this great video of their “Shaking Wallpaper” in use. Shaking Wallpaper can only be used with Sony Ericsson phones but it looks like a great take on mobile wallpapers. The product will be on Sony Ericsson’s Fun & Download portal and also on its PlayNow arena site.

New Shaking Wallpaper for Sony Ericsson phones

Mobivention has a great product available for Sony Ericsson handsets.”Shaking Wallpaper” uses the phone’s motion sensors to detect when you’re shaking the phone, and changes the wallpaper. The product will soon end up on Sony Ericsson’s Fun & Download portal and also on its PlayNow arena site.

[Editor's Note: The above video is just to show the Sony Ericsson shake technology, not the wallpaper]


Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow Arena offering 1 million DRM-free songs on Monday

Sony Ericsson\'s PlayNow

On August 25th, Sony Ericsson wil be launching PlayNow Arena, its media download site. On the day of the launch, the site will be offering 1 million, DRM-free songs (ramping up to 5 million) from Sony BMG, Warner Music, and EMI. It will also offer games, ringtones, applications, and themes for your mobile. Prices are going to be comparable to iTunes at $0.99 / €0.99 per song except for in Sweden where songs will cost a little more, close to $1.50 USD. We’re anxious to see how the download service does and I’m sure the launch day will be a good indicator of future success.

[Via Engadget Mobile]