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Voice-based web search for Google Mobile App for iPhone

And not Android

Personally, I don’t find typing in search queries into Google all that difficult, but Google plans to have a mobile application that will allow you to say your search terms rather than type them. The strange fact in this news is that it’s going to launch on the iPhone first.

The reason for this is that Google has separated its mobile division from its Android division. The mobile team is therefore only concerned with getting apps out the door and selling, rather than creating a better mobile community for a select group of device owners.

“I want to bring the most valuable applications to as many users as possible,” said Gummi Hafsteinsson, senior product manager for the mobile team. “We treat all high-end [mobile] platforms equally.”

In order to get the voice search, all you have to do is have the Google Mobile App for iPhone. The voice search will come in the form of an update. To use speak search, simply open the app, hold the phone up to your ear and tell the Google Genie what your heart desires. Stay tuned for the update!



New Google search for the iPhone

The new Google search for the iPhone is much more like the Google search you see on your desktop. This is great considering the iPhone is constantly trying to replicate the desktop browsing experience. With the new Google search, you’ll get a map, contact info, address and related search results, all with a single touch.