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Gov. Rod Blagojevich ringtones now available

The company that brought you Sarah Palintones, is now offering Blago Tones. Essentially, the biggest U.S. political scandal of the month, can now be shared with people around you in ringtone form. If you’re not aware of the scandal, here is what Huffington Post has to say about it:

The governor, accused of seeking cash for the political appointment of Obama’s Senate replacement, is not a close associate of the President-elect. Indeed, in the affidavit, Blagojevich called Obama a “motherfucker” for wanting him to appoint an official that the governor either did not like or wouldn’t receive money from. Local news reports, meanwhile, suggest that it was Obama chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel who blew the whistle on the governor.

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Follow the elections from your mobile phone

Follow the elections from your mobile phone

If you weren’t already keeping tabs on the U.S. elections news through Viigo, Google now has a mobile site to help you keep up to date. The site’s not much to look at but there’s plenty there, including links to McCain and Obama’s YouTube video channels, check out what they’re reading through Google Reader, the latest election news items, and even mobile maps around convention centers. Head on over to on your phone to get all the latest coverage and info.

[Via Official Google Mobile Blog]