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Licensing vs. original IP

MocoNews has posted a story regarding a study on mobile game usage by NPD Group.

The study shows incremental growth in the industry, but also includes a list of the top-selling mobile games for the second half of 2006. The list shows an interesting trend: of the ten, only 3 are non-licensed, and those three are Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Frogger. All three could be considered licensed as well; while they the are original IP of their respective publishers, all are simply re-released classics. As NPD says in the study, “It was not whether the games are licensed or based on original intellectual property (IP) that made the games popular, but rather consumer brand awareness of the game title.”

Check the link above for some more information about the study.

Why Particular Age Groups Buy

NPD GroupThe NPD Group has been a considerable source of mobile gaming market research and they have recently released a new study.
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US Mobile Gaming Still Strong

NPD GroupThe mobile gaming industry is growing at a steady and healthy pace. A report by the NPD Group shows solid growth in sales and an increase in consumer penetration. You can go here to see their report.

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Why Oh Why Do They Buy?

NPD GroupNPD Group releases statistics behind mobile game purchases.

Neil Strother, The NPD Group’s Research Director, has provided some statistics into mobile purchasing habits from the research group’s new tracking service. In statistics transcribed by Moconews, we are given insight into why consumers buy mobile games.

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