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Nokia N85 launching in the UK tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 31st)


The N85 sits somewhere between the N79 and the N96. The N96 is obviously the current flagship phone for Nokia right now, but if you want something with great media capabilities but don’t want to drop the money for the higher N Series phones, the N85 is just right for you. The N85 even has a couple features that the N96 could learn from.

Here are some quick specs and facts:

  • OLED screen which gives better color and contrast as well as reduces power consumption
  • FM transmitter
  • The latest v9.3 Symbian operating system is fast and capable.
  • MicroSD card slot ready for a card up to 8GB in size
  • Assisted GPS for faster location times and geo-tagging of your pictures.
  • 3G and supports 3.6Mbps HSDPA, but it also has EDGE and GPRS to back it up.
  • A 3.5mm jack
  • Carl Zeiss lensed camera rated at 5 megapixels.
  • Autofocus and LED flash
  • 30 fps video
  • Expect the N85 to launch in the UK tomorrow, Friday, October 31st.


    Nokia N85 highlights and talking points

    Nokia N85
    Courtesy of
    P@sco, a cool Italian dude posted a review of the N85. The review is entirely in Italian and contains some decent screenshots.All About Symbian picked it up and one of their members translated the key points of the review.

    I’ve taken a few points from their article, but I recommend checking All About Symbian for more.
    Click through for some highlight of the N85

    Nokia launches the N79 and N85

    Nokia has launched the N85

    Nokia has launched the N85 and N79 today. These phones are excellent devices for mobile entertainment. Just check out some of these awesome specs on the N85: 2.6-inch AMOLED screen, GPS, five megapixel cam, N-Gage compatibility, 8GB of microSDHC storage, WiFi, and a 28-hour music playback battery life.

    The N79 also packs a lot of punch with a 5 MP camera, a dual-LED flash, GPS, 4GB microSDHC storage, WiFi, swappable back covers, and a 24-hour music playback battery life.

    [Via Electronista]

    Click through for a pic of the N79