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Rogers and Fido 2009 device roadmap leaked

Are you on Rogers or Fido? Well you may want to save your upgrade because the device roadmap for Rogers and Fido has been leaked. HoFo’s clearskies08 posted the upcoming smartphones for 2009 as well as slides from a corporate presentation. The presentation is a complete snooze but here are the upcoming devices:

* Blackberry 82XX Pearl Flip (3G version of 8220 Pearl Flip but with GPS, WiFi, and video calling)
* Blackberry 9520 Storm (North American 3G GSM bands and 802.11 b/g WiFi)
* HTC Touch 3G
* HTC Touch Pro
* HTC Touch Viva
* Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5
* Motorola Q11
* Motorola VE66
* Nokia N79
* Nokia N85
* Nokia N96
* Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
* Samsung M8800 Pixon
* Sony Ericsson Xperia X1a
* Sony Ericsson C905



New touchscreen and QWERTY Motorola devices (rumor)

BGR posted leaked device shots for Verizon and they’re looking…well, very Motorola. I think the marketing department are being constantly told to make the phones look more “futuristic.” Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that their phones are going touchscreen QWERTY. According to the source, the Moto Rush 2 QWERTY messaging phone will be available in Q1 2009. Release date for the rest of three mobile phones are not available at the moment. Oh yeah, and the award for biggest WTF in device name history goes to the Motorola Calgary.
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MySpace Mobile to offer free streaming video to mobile

Myspace Mobile now offers streaming video, bother user-gen and branded, to mobile. The service will be available for the BlackBerry Bold, Palm, Motorola Voyager, Nokia N95 and the Samsung Instinct. Notice no iPhone? That’s because the iPhone uses a different downloading method that MySpace opted out of in favor of a mobile ubiquitous downloading method.



Best selling phones on Amazon tell us a lot about market

Except for the MOTO Z9, the top 6 bestselling phones on Amazon are smartphones. It’s also interesting to note that LG and BlackBerry dominate the smartphone space on Amazon.

The fact that the LG Vu is the top selling phone says a lot about the mobile TV industry. Clearly, consumers want mobile TV and are willing to buy a device that advertises its ability to provide mobile video services.

It also seems that the Curve is the most popular consumer BlackBerry. At least I have to assume that all purchases made through Amazon are consumer because enterprise would have a carrier rep to purchase from.

Motorola is still dominating the clam shell space. Almost every flip phone in the bestselling list is by Motorola. I guess they’ve held onto their loyal RAZR fans with new versions and features.

I’m looking forward to the day when the bestselling list will be nothing but the best smartphones.


The Motorola Android device - rumors and discussion

James Piatt Plica

Could the Motorola Android device come out looking like this?

Recently, BusinessWeek confirmed that Motorola will be launching an Android phone worldwide. I have not seen any leaked concept images of the device, but I do know a few of the specs. The device will come with a 3.5″ touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a host of social networking features.

The device reportedly takes some of its design cues from the new Motorola Krave ZN4. This is especially weird to me because the ZN4 is a pretty terrible looking flip phone. I’m surprised they wouldn’t go for something more elegant like the MOTO Q.

So here is my proposal: the Motorola Android device will look much like James Piatt’s Plica concept phone. It’s a clamshelle touch screen device that would be a great competitor once imbued with Google. I for one would love to see this phone developed.

[Via informationweek and BGR]

Motorola V3 RAZR still best selling phone in North America

Motorola V3 RAZR

Engadget recently wrote a post about how the RAZR V3 is still the top selling phone in America. Boy Genius got a hold of this story, and his take was that it’s a matter of economics. The idea is: you know the economy is doing badly when people are still buying RAZRs. Personally, I think it has nothing to do with economics. It’s all about consumer education. Here in North America, we’re having a terrible time convincing and educating users about the benefits of data and how to use it. Many users are still buying RAZRS because they only see a phone as a talking device, and the RAZR is just that, only a talking device. There is no proper Internet on the phone, the games are terrible and even listening to music is awful. This phone is to mobile entertainment what Crocs are to fashion.

[Via Engadget]

Artistic skins for your mobile phone

These are some of the most beautiful phone skins I’ve ever seen.

iSkin Brasil has a good list of artists who work for them to make gorgeous looking skins. They also do a good job of making these skins for new and older devices. Whether you have an iPhone, BlackBerry or Motorola, they’ve got a cool looking skin for you.

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Motorola patents giant ugly goggle phone

This product does not exist but why even bother making a patent for it? Motorola thinks people are actually going to flip open their phone and place it on their face like giant ugly goggles. Is it even possible to see through the phone? That would be a major oversight wouldn’t it? This is the last post of the week so I thought I would end on a note of absurdity.

[Via UnwiredReview]

The Motorola RIZR Z10 comes to O2

There’s been a lot of hardware news today with the BenQ, HTC Diamond and now the Motorola RIZR Z10. The RIZR Z10 will be released on O2 and will come with a 3.2 megapixel camera, quad-band GSM / EDGE, single-band HSDPA, support for up to 32GB of pop-in memory, a winning kick-slide form factor, and the Borne Ultimate collection on the included 1GB microSD card. The phone comes with built in pic and video editing software as well as the ability to add a soundtrack, overlay text, and even upload your 30fps edited videos right to YouTube from the handset. Prices will range from free to £149.99 (roughly $300).

Mobile TV with a touch screen

It seems that Motorola has unveiled the Mobile TV DH02, a new mobile TV device with a touch-based UI. The touch screen allows them to do away with any buttons, leaving the whole front of the device available for the high resolution WQVGA display. The DH02 also features PVR options like timeshift, live pause, and frame grabbing, with a buffer of up to 5 minutes, as well as automatic channel scan. They’ll be demoing the device at the CTIA Wireless show next week, where we’ll hopefully get a few more details like release date and pricing.