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Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone

Okay I won’t post too many more iPhone game releases but I know you’re stoked about Metal Gear for the iPhone. The game is based on the characters and story from Metal Gear Solid 4, and according to Konami, 8 levels will be available in the game with more stages to be added later. I’ll keep you updated about its release.



Metal Gear Solid ringtone for the iPhone

This guy used the cool ringtone from Metal Gear Solid on his iPhone. I love when people get creative like this.

UPDATE: Thanks to Arjan over at the Mobile Games Blog for pointing out the download link.

Metal Gear Solid coming to mobile

Konami has announced that they will be bringing the long-running Metal Gear Solid series to the mobile platform in Japan.

As reported by Pocket Gamer, Konami has only announced the game for Japan, with no word on a European or US release, and no reported release date for the Japanese title.

Konami has also released a trailer for the game that shows off the advanced 3D engine, with graphics approaching the quality of the Playstation 2 titles. The trailer also shows a MGS-branded phone, presumably to be released alongside the game.