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Indiagames signs on with Metaflow

Indiagames has signed an agreement to use Metaflow’s content submission technology. The technology eases game ingestion, getting games on carrier portals and ready for sale in as fast a time as possible. Companies can then work on publishing and marketing while Metaflow takes care of submissions.

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BioShock coming to mobile

IG Fun has announced that they will be bringing the console and PC hit BioShock to mobile phones. The game takes place in the underwater city of Rapture, founded on the principles of Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy. A plane crash survivor finds himself trapped in the now-ruined city and must escape from the hellish denizens with the help of a few sane inhabitants and the use of Plasmids, which modify genes to give the user everything from increased strength to telekinesis.

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IG Fun releases Battle Chess

IG Fun has announced the release of Battle Chess in the UK.

Battle Chess is an animated chess game with three levels of difficulty vs. the computer or against a friend. Chess gurus or neophytes can play as Aslan’s army, or use the evil White Witch’s array of creatures on a 2D or 3D board. To celebrate the game’s release, IG Fun will be supporting the British Chess Championships, which run from July 29th though August 11th. They say there will be an “exciting stunt” involving Battle Chess, but details are currently under wraps.

“I am really excited that Battle Chess is our first launch to both the media and our customers in the UK. We are really pleased to be supporting such a reputable chess event,” said Gulshan David, Key Account Manager Europe at IG Fun. “This game is one of a number of UK launches IG Fun will be announcing over the coming months. There are not many chess games available for mobile phones and ‘Battle Chess’ is just what the customers’ looking for.”

The game is available from Vodafone, 3, and Orange in the UK.

Indiagames goes international

Indiagames has launched a new international publishing and developing arm called IG Fun, reports

“At IG Fun we operate under the simple idea that the customer is king and aim to provide fun and exciting games,” said Sean Malatesta, VP of business development. “Our main goals are to provide high quality games, the widest handset coverage and to support our titles with clutter-breaking marketing and merchandising.”

The company’s goal is to become on of the top 5 publishers in Europe and the US. They’ve already signed on with distributers such as 3, Telfonica, Vodafone, and Verizon Wireless.