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Hacked iPhone equiped with QWERTY keyboard

One of the most annoying things about the iPhone is the total lack of a physical keyboard. Some people such as myself, choose to do nothing about this and instead complain on the Internet. A Japanese guy (assuming from the video), took it upon himself to install a QWERTY keyboard. Is this not the most amazing hack job you’ve seen (this week)?



Camera phone telephoto lens hack by Kerrin Mansfield

kirrin Mansfield camera phone lens hack

Is this not the greatest camera phone lens hack you’ve ever seen? The hack actually works really well and was done by UK artist Kerrin Mansfield. After the jump, we’ve got a great pic taken with this lens hack.

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The worst iPhone hack job ever

Brutal hack job

“He was made bit by bit, piece by piece. The undying monster. The triumphant climax of Frankenstein’s genius.”

If you live in one of the seriously unfortunate countries with no iPhone 3G, you could think about unlocking it. If you do unlock it, you might want to try a solution that doesn’t involve Frankenstein style soldering. The above picture is from a Vietnamese site that claims it can unlock the phone with their brutal hack job. Is this phone even safe to put near your face?

[Via SlashPhone]

How to get a wooden keypad for your iPhone

iPhone mod wooden keypad

When nature meets technology we all get a warm fuzzy feeling.

Getting a wooden keypad for your iPhone is a cinch with the new mod application Cydia. Getting the keypad will also mean you getting caught up in the latest mod software. If you’re just tuning in to QB now, follow our old posts and get up to speed. Then you’ll be ready to play with the big boys.

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Get Android on your HTC phone

Some enterprising hackers have managed to get early builds of Android running on certain HTC phones. “Running” is kind of open to interpretation, though: because it’s still unreleased, many features aren’t implemented, and because it’s such a hack, many features that are implemented don’t actually work. Still, it’s pretty neat as a proof of concept, and will give you a taste of Android as long as you don’t mind living on the bleeding edge and you’re tired of Windows Mobile.