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The state of the mobile games industry 2008

Tricia Duryee
is with and I had the pleasure of meeting her at a Glu press event in San Francisco. In any case, she interviewed Gonzague de Vallois of Gameloft about the state of mobile gaming and he had some interesting things to say.

Back when QuicklyBored first started, we were 100% mobile gaming. The industry was in a terrible state. The industry was bogged down with heavy royalty payments, inefficient distribution and seemingly never ending porting.

This is starting to change.
The industry is now blessed with perfect distribution models such as the iPhone App Store, as well as innovative technologies such as Google’s Android. On top of that, there are platforms such as N-Gage which are developing graphically intense games to match the high power hardware they’re putting out.
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Grand Theft Auto developer speaks about iPhone

Paul Farley is a gaming industry veteran, having worked on the development of the Grand Theft Auto series and State of Emergency, as well as spending time at I-Play as Head of Design before founding Tag Games. He posted a guest editorial over at the Mobile Games Blog, speaking about the impact that the iPhone has had on mobile gaming. Farley draws many comparisons to the Wii and the Wiimote, and points out that Tag Games’ experience with the Zeemote gives them an edge up on the competition when it comes to designing for a new interface paradigm (such as the iPhone touch screen).
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iPhone a better gaming platform than DS/PSP?

iPhone Skateboarding
A really interesting article from BusinessWeek: is the iPhone a DS/PSP killer? Or, at least, a strong competitor? The article springs from a lengthy and rather tech-heavy post by blogger Daniel Dilger. In it, he gives a brief history of the console and handheld gaming wars and talks about where, exactly, the iPhone might fit.
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