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Swarovski Bluetooth set - shove some crystal in yer ear

Swarovsky Bluetooth earpiece

This looks like the gaudy jewelery that my grandmother wears so I would never buy one, but I see a market for it. Techno savvy grandmothers and crystal loving baby boomers would love this piece. I haven’t tried it out but I was at the local Swarovsky store buying for my girlfriend and they told me this has just come out. I would love to see them trick out my iPhone. Actually, I’m going to call them about that now. Don’t remember the exact price, but I think it retailed for abotu $150.

The most expensive looking phone in the world

Lights Style Jewels

And by “expensive” I mean “retarded.”

Getting a ton of bling on your phone is fun and all but it’s expensive. So instead, make your mobile look like it was pimped out by Peter Aloisson with Lights Style Jewels. I’m assuming there aren’t many 10 year old girls who read QuicklyBored but some of you may have illegitimate daughters that this would make a perfect gift for. Personally, I think it’s a great way to ruin a phone.

[Via ShinyShiny]

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