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Magmic Sudoku

Magmic Sudoku
The artwork at Magmic has always impressed me and so I was not surprised to be pleasantly greeted by a stylized menu and a user interface that was easy on the eyes. This Sudoku game is fairly well done but it had a major flaw that totally turned me off the game.

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Cellufun Sudoku

CelluFun’s Sudoku is much like its chess game in the sense that it can be online or offline. The online play provides added features and it is available free with a trial membership.

Part of the online aspect of the game includes the ability to post your Sudoku highscores and view them on CelluFun’s site. Future versions will allow players to work on Sudoku puzzles together in a multiplayer mode.

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Kragesoft Sudoku

Kragesoft has made a standard Sudoku game with few frills. Graphically, this is a solid looking game that provides some decent Sudoku entertainment but it has its drawbacks.

The most obvious criticism of this game is its pip marking system. If you want to make a mark in one of the squares with a note, then you press the 2 different numbers that could be in that space. Lets say you were to input 3 and 5 in a single square. The result would be 2 little pips in the square corresponding to that number’s position on the phone’s keypad. Strange isn’t it?

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Super Doku Review

Super Doku
The first installment of our QB Guide to mobile Sudoku.

The people at Butterfly Donuts are probably the first to make a Sudoku game featuring a little red alien. It makes the game a little more enjoyable for some reason. Maybe it’s like the same warmth that Tickle Me Elmo gives.

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CelluFun Chess - A True Winner

CelluFun Chess Vs Deep Fritz

We had a late entry into the QuicklyBored Guide to Mobile Chess: CelluFun. CelluFun is a company that releases free multiplayer mobile games and their chess game is absolutely superb. In fact, it was so good that we have to completely redo our post about the winning mobile chess game. Step aside Karpov; CelluFun just kicked your butt.

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QuicklyBored Mobile Sudoku Roundup

Our next set of reviews will be focused on finding the best version of Sudoku available for mobile phones. In order to review these games appropriately, we have decided to rate the games based on their user interface and available features. By making broad criterias, we hope to weigh each game based on the unique features their game offers.

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Chessmaster Vs. Deep Fritz

Deep Fritz
Our QuicklyBored guide to mobile chess games has a new entry today: Chessmaster. Chessmaster is a popular chess game and it is only right that we put it up against the powerful Deep Fritz.

This is a nice looking game. Something new here is the Quiz Mode. In Quiz Mode, you need to solve chess puzzles to gain points. The puzzles are actually really difficult so congratulations to anyone who solves them.

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Karpov3D Vs Fritz

Upon loading this game up on my Nokia 6670, the first thing I notice is that the menu is uber-confusing. There are these little graphics with the refresh/recylce arrows and corresponding icons that you need a Rosetta Stone to decypher (see screenshot). It took trial and error to figure it out and I’m still not sure what they all mean.

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MKC2 Vs Deep Fritz

The graphics in this game are fairly impressive. It’s obvious that the people at Magmic have taken the time to make their chess game look aesthetically pleasing; something the other chess games could have done with.

Playing Medieval Kings Chess 2 has several features. Once you start the game, the stylized menu will take you to the various game options including: Difficulty settings, board style and piece color. This game offers a little more than the other games in terms of difficulty settings. You can choose from 7 different difficulty modes ranging from human (play against a friend) to Ghengis Khan (very very hard).

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ChessGenius Vs. Deep Fritz

Deep blue
This is the second installment of our QuicklyBored Guide to Mobile Chess. This time we are pitting ChessGenius against our friend Deep Fritz in an all out chess battle. The name ChessGenius immediately gives me the impression that this is going to be a good fight; unless of course the name is a total misnomer.

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