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Top 5 Back-to-School Applications for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Cool Top 5

Yep, it’s that time of the year again - bust out the books, call in the loans, and register for classes. Anyone going to college or university has a nice, big, juicy school year ahead of them, and that means it’s time to gear up. Your BlackBerry’s no exception, of course, and can provide plenty of helpful tools to stay on top of your assignments and study for tests. Of course it’s not all work, and there’s a lot your BlackBerry can do to keep you comfortable in the student lifestyle. Here are our top five BlackBerry apps for students heading back into the classroom this fall.

Check out the top 5 BlackBerry apps for students!

New (old) themes for the BlackBerry Bold

New and Old themes for the BB Bold

Yeah, that new bottom-bar Precision Zen theme is pretty slick, but some of us are still plenty happy with the oldies, like Today and the slightly-newer L theme. Well, it looks like someone over at Howard Forums has managed to hack in the old styles onto the Bold, and they look alright! Of course we’ll have to wait until the official Theme Developer Kit for OS 4.6 comes out before we can see some stuff that really takes advantage of the Bold’s screen and processor. The Plazmic CDK for 4.5 was just released late last month, so it might take awhile before we start seeing some proper shiny new themes, but this does get us day-dreaming about what’s next.

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The Definitive BlackBerry Bold versus iPhone 3G Browser Comparison (video)

While previous results had been contested, we hope to put the BlackBerry Bold versus iPhone 3G browser debate to bed. Taking some time with our brand-spanking-new Bold and Kyle’s iPhone, we put the two beasts through some browsing hoops to see who can get through the fastest. We tested on Wi-Fi only, 3G-only, both with and without JavaScript enabled. Sadly, our results are pretty conclusive - the iPhone’s browser is faster. To be fair, it’s not by much - maybe a two to three second delay, depending on the site, but it’s enough to notice the difference. We’re also running on BIS, so don’t have enterprise servers doing a lot of the compression for us. The Bold’s browser is still a huge upgrade for BlackBerry, and definitely more enjoyable than what I was using on the Pearl. As much as we might like to call this test “definitive” (we ran the test around five times to make sure it was), your mileage may vary - if you’ve got both devices in hand, take some time to wipe the caches and run a few tests. We’d love to hear if our results match up, and love even more to hear if they don’t.

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JuiceCaster to help Curve users share video and pics

Juicecaster comes to BlackBerry

JuiceCaster just launched the beta of their video and sharing app for BlackBerry 8310 and BlackBerry 8330 users in the U.S., allowing them to post to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Photobucket, Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad and plenty of other social networking sites. It’s too bad that it’s only on the BlackBerry Curve, but they promise that compatibility with the Pearl will be coming soon. Aside from broadcasting, JuiceCaster also lets you view other videos on the network so you meet all sorts of other mobile video microbloggin’ types. Head to JuiceCaster to get in on the limited beta.

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Follow the elections from your mobile phone

Follow the elections from your mobile phone

If you weren’t already keeping tabs on the U.S. elections news through Viigo, Google now has a mobile site to help you keep up to date. The site’s not much to look at but there’s plenty there, including links to McCain and Obama’s YouTube video channels, check out what they’re reading through Google Reader, the latest election news items, and even mobile maps around convention centers. Head on over to on your phone to get all the latest coverage and info.

[Via Official Google Mobile Blog]

Super Mario Brothers BlackBerry theme

Super Mario Brothers BlackBerry theme

A new BlackBerry theme came out today for the Pearl, Curve and 8800-series which will tickle pink any nostalgic gamers out there. Every icon is an animated spite from a certain game involving certain Italian plumbers stomping on certain turtles attempting to rescue a certain princess. While “Classic Video Game Theme” might be a thinly-veiled attempt to evade IP lawyers, it’s still a slick looking theme. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo’s legal banhammer comes down on this one, so pick it up while you can!
Click through to download this awesome BlackBerry theme

Rogers BlackBerry Bold Unboxing

Here is the first box for the Bold

Despite much ado, the Canadian BlackBerry 9000 is ready to roll. Getting shipments in has been a bit of a catastrophe at Rogers, considering this Bold, bought at Ottawa’s flagship Rogers Plus, was one of two available.

EDITOR’S NOTE: These shots are taken by our sister site, BlackBerry Cool and thus watermarked as such.

Click through for more unboxing pictures of the Rogers BlackBerry Bold

Early BlackBerry Bold reports of poor 3G reception

The BlackBerry Bold

We’ve heard from scattered sources that the BlackBerry Bold isn’t picking up 3G quite as well as it should be. The delayed Rogers and AT&T launch could be possibly be a result of the rough performance.

“We had a few occasional 3G signal dropping troubles at some locations especially on high-rises building streets & on our 34th floor (EDGE picked up immediately but slower internet speeds),”
writes [Citigroup analyst Jim Suva].
Continue reading about the poor 3G reception experienced on the Bold

New Saltwater BlackBerry theme makes you swim with fishies

The latest magic out of Bplay is the Saltwater theme, complete swimming fish and rising bubbles! This isn’t the first time they’ve animated a background, but it’s still an impressive trick. Saltwater is packing a bottom-dock Precision style that will be coming on the BlackBerry Bold. This is the perfect theme to have on your BlackBerry’s home screen when you’re in the middle of a stressful meeting - just pretend it’s a real aquarium. Head on over to Bplay to grab the Saltwater theme for BlackBerry!

(Just keep in mind that it’s’s not compatible with the BlackBerry 8830…)

More pics of the Saltwater theme after the jump

Street Fighter II released on BlackBerry

Street Fighter II
As a long-time gamer, and a fan of Sagat’s freakish tallness, I’m happy to tell you guys about Street Fighter II: Championship Edition for BlackBerry. All of the bosses are playable, including M. Bison, Vega, and Balrog. I’d be interested in seeing how the controls work, considering how much easier doing a quarter-circle turn would be on a trackball rather than D-pad. Head on over to Handango to pick up Street Fighter II for $9.99.

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