Samsung Tocco Ultra 8300 impressions and details

The Samsung Tocco Ultra 8300 is available now and it’s going to do a great job capturing a young audience looking for a media rich phone but don’t need push email. The device is a 12.8mm slider with a duralumin anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint casing.

In terms of media, the Tocco Ultra boasts an 8MP camera that comes with a dual LED flash, autofocus and video recording. The display is touch sensitive and is 2.8 inches. At 3G with HSDPA, you’ll be able to download all your favorite vids and pics sans hassle. Also, the phone features an accelerometer that will make web browsing much easier a la iPhone.

This phone is perfect for a very particular demographic in North America, but the real market for this device will be in its native country South Korea. Many of North America’s devices are shifting towards full QWERTY because it’s the easiest way to type SMS and emails to friends and coworkers. Korea and many other Asian countries on the other hand, prefer a keypad based phone because Asian characters are fewer and better represented in that way. That previous statement obviously excludes Chinese because you couldn’t possibly fit every Chinese character onto a phone.

Here in the West, this phone will be especially popular with a demographic that wants a classic style phone that fits nicely in your pocket, but has all the rich media capabilities of a modern smartphone.



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