The HTC Magic review, specifications and impressions

The HTC Magic is a slick looking device with a curvy design that seems reminiscent of the Android G1. The device features a rollerball, quick keys, and a much improved camera. Video recording and the responsiveness of the camera have been improved for the launch of this device and will surely please.

The first difference from the G1 that you’ll surely notice is that it is thinner and lacks a keyboard. Other than that, you can expect the same screen resolution and size. The screen might be somewhat brighter and the color temperature slightly different, but now we’re getting into some minor details.

Overall, the phone is a good device for touchscreen lovers who want an Android phone but would like something a little slimmer with no slide out keyboard. The device looks very pretty and it’s nice to see the Android platform start to influence the look and feel of a device. For a company that also manufactures the less-than-beautiful Windows Mobile, they’re really proving they can make a wide variety of devices.

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