Zombie Attack! by IUGO - the craziest high score you’ve ever seen

High score

Doug and I just finished a solid round of Zombie Attack! by IUGO and his score is ridiculous. At first I thought that it was the best score that anyone has ever had on Zombie Attack! I mean, his score was 3529. Nothing could possibly top that right? Well I was checking out the forums and it turns out hyk from the touchArcade forums got 4096! I’ve posted his screenshot above, which shows his score just before he died. Amazing! My hat goes off to this guy. I’ll quote his story below for your enjoyment. Nice one hyk!

Thanks for coming to the party, but i just kicked some serious zombie arses with a 4096 score. Took the pic before i died and the score on the pic is 4064. I managed to exact final revenge on that one zombie (top right) that brought down my shack and the eventual score is 4096 when the game concluded. Didn’t bother with the highscore screenshot as i guess everyone will be more interested in how i “did it”.

It’s done with the layout shown and some serious nerve-racking “zombie herding” with my survivor. Brilliant survivor control on my part definitely resulted in a lot of zombies biting the dust before they can get to the beer in my shack.

I was stuck at 2000+ for a long time but now, i actually think it is possible to go as high as 6000+. I took a chance and built an additional gun near the zombie spawn thereby leaving an opening on the right side of the shack, bad (strategic) mistake and one zombie finally found that opening… In the screen shot, you see me desperately plugging that hole with a gun turret and i needed just $8 more to upgrade it to lvl4… If only i’d plug that hole first, it would have provided enough fire power to kill that last mofo in time…. daaaaaammnn. I realize this post will sound dumb when all of you start surpassing 4000+ but for now i have bragging rights!!!! This game is intense!

True that. You have all the bragging rights you want.



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  1. 1 Bambi Blue

    Are those… are those buzz saws?

    Clearly I am missing out.

    I <3 zombies.

  2. 2 tr0ndizzle

    Top score will be mine… Oh yes, it will be mine.

    Can’t wait to play this game on the BlackBerry Storm!

  3. 3 zslider

    just got 4522 last night… shooting for 6000+ … here’s a screenshot just before the game over.

  4. 4 Mark

    I can haz bragging rights?

    7016 in the screenshot with 3 “zaps” still in the house.

    7947 when I died. I also had 2 respawns which sucks - both early on I admit.

  5. 5 Kyle


    Can you email me that pic so I can post it? The link is broken and yes, you can haz bragging rights. But as the internet says: “pic or it didn’t happen.” :)

  6. 6 Mark

    @Kyle, I would if I had your email! Damn webhost, dunno why it’s not working. This link should work:

    I got 6730 last night, but no screen shot (except the high scores screen). I’m convinced it’s possible to get 10K. My deaths were mostly due to sloppy playing, not due to being overwhelmed or anything.

  7. 7 Kuzmich

    6847 points.. no screenshots :(
    nest time it will be :)

  8. 8 Dave

    hey guys, has nobody seen the worldwide top 10, scores in excess of 33000, this seems to be the only place on the internet people are actually discussing this, so tell me, HOW ?! HOW ON EARTH ?! Im willing to let this game ruin my dissertation but guidance is what I need. 7000 is a doddle, but 33000 ?! there is something we do not know.

  9. 9 Kuzmich

    So, now I’ve got much more over 10 000 points. just don’t know the exact numbers. after 10 000 some bug has appeard and the points went down to 7 or 8 k. But i’ve got only free version of the game. I have screenshots, but don’t know, where to upload them

  10. 10 Andy

    I just got 19,044, which is 25th all time. My prior high was 12,772. Other than that, just a bunch of 9,000s. My strategy is simple. All cannons. 2 Guns. My reasoning behind it is as follows:
    Guns and Blades are the worst. Mainly because they can decapitate the zombies. Decapitation means you can’t control them, and they won’t follow you. The reason I use Cannons is because it de-arms them. When you de-arm them… they do half damage. Which is a huge plus. The other thing is… don’t die. If you do, kiss your score goodbye. Getting to level 60-70 is actually pretty easy. Not dying in the process is hard.

    I start out with 4 cannons surrounding the entrance. I then upgrade one, and get them all to level 2. This makes short work of the zombies. I then add two couple more cannons, all at the front, then upgrade all cannons to lvl 3. If, at any time, a zombie or fast zombie slips by, I run up to the house and but one gun in the top left of house, and bottom right, and upgrade to lvl 2. The only reason I have guns up there is that if a zombie slips by in the later rounds with high life, my only chance of surviving is to take their heads off. The strategy after that is simple. Just make cannons, and grow your entrance one cannon at a time. Stay clear of zombies with both arms. If they have none, you can be riskier. Stay near the front at all time.

    Once you get to level 70, you basically have a cannon on every available spot. But the zombies are so dang strong, that if one gets through, you are toast.

    Hope that helps (now my score will drop) :)

  11. 11 Dantom

    My top score right now is 4795 and i only have the free version. But what’s weird is that my 2nd top score is 1516, so one game can totally be different than another, some times you get lucky when the zombie’s go after you and not the house<— what i use as a strategy btw.

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