Zombie Attack! by IUGO to launch on the iPhone


I’m terrified of zombies. In fact, my fear of zombies has exponentially increased since running zombies was introduced by 28 Days Later. From the extensive research I’ve done, it seems the best way to defend yourself from zombies is a Half-Life style bio-suit with shotgun combo. That way, you can blow off crazy zombie heads without risk of blood splatter contamination. After that, it’s just a matter of getting to the Arctic where they can’t survive.

Another way to defend yourself against the undead is a super intense network of towers blasting them with a barrage of high powered explosives! That seems to be the case with IUGO Mobile Entertainment’s Zombie Attack! Their game is an addictive 3D tower defense strategy game. You play a survivor of the Zombie apocalypse. Your job is simple; stay alive and protect your shack.

Choose from an array of Zombie-blasting weapons such as flame throwers and cannons. Earn points and cash to upgrade your weapons and bolster your fire power. Easy tilt and touch-screen controls make ZA! an instant iPhone-exclusive favorite. Superb graphics, attention to detail, and IUGO’s signature high polish makes Zombie Attack! the best value on the App Store. Play for a few minutes or get sucked in for hours. Either way you won’t be able to put ZA! down.


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