Smartphone users choose mobile games over enterprise software

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A recent NPD Group research paper says that not only are people using their smartphones more, but they’re playing games more often than using enterprise and productivity software. The findings come from a portion of the report aimed at discovering what features and functions consumers are most aware.

Smartphones are still being used primarily as a communication device, with phone calls, email and text messages occupying the majority of a smartphone user’s time. This is changing due to a trend that has been primarily pioneered by the iPhone. Mobile gaming on the iPhone has steadily increased over the last three months and the trend is perpetually growing.

If mobile gaming, applications and web browsing are becoming an increasingly larger percentage of device usage, I’m anticipating a time when our phones are using 100% data. Phone calls will be made over VoIP and the majority of social interaction will be done via social networking and messaging programs. At this point, I feel we will truly have left behind the archaic and soon to be obsolete telephone.



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    The new generation coming up with kids that are born with a smartphone in their hand will likely use a whole lot more functions than we old people.

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