New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry by Magmic reviewed

Magmic Games have been making games for BlackBerry for a long time now and QuicklyBored has been with them all the way. Because we’re both based in Ottawa (blocks apart), we’ve had the opportunity for interviews with both their CEO and developers. Magmic is doing great things for promoting the BlackBerry gaming business and their latest game, The New York Times Crosswords, is a sweet addition to their lineup.

On October 2nd, the game launched exclusively to AT&T and will be available until January 1st 2009. After that time, the product will be available across most U.S. and Canadian carriers, as well as offered through, Magmic’s direct-to-consumer shopping portal.

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is that the music that goes with the puzzle is nice and soothing. The graphics are simple and pleasing to look at which is exactly what a crossword needs. You have to have something relaxing to chill you out before breaking your brain trying to solve these puzzles.

To get familiar with the game, you go through a fairly long tutorial that demonstrates all the inner workings of the game. The tutorial will take you through all the menu items and game controls. The tutorial is really straight forward and there isn’t anything difficult to master, but it helps nonetheless.

The puzzles themselves are pretty difficult. Being officially licensed by The New York Times, the game does a great job of mimicking the crossword experience which also means they’re pretty difficult for a first time crossword player. Although with a simple, elegant user interface and three different puzzle views, you can get into the game quickly.

Personally, I’m just terrible at Crosswords, which is ridiculous because my job involves writing on a daily basis. Maybe it’s because the answers are never device names and mobile game companies.

Another great feature of this game is that it offers daily news headlines from That, combined with daily puzzles, you’ve completely got your NYT fix for the day.

I recommend this game to all crossword enthusiasts. To purchase, you need a one-time purchase version that retails for $7.99, includes 30 classic puzzles. After that, you’ll need the subscription version which costs $2.99 per month and includes access to the same daily puzzles published in the print publication, along with an archive of over 4,000 puzzles.


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    A more comprehensive review from a crossworder’s point of view will soon be appearing at, but I wanted to point out that the crossword illustrating your story is actually a Los Angeles Times crossword.

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