How to turn your iPod Touch into a mobile VoIP phone


This post isn’t about mobile devices, but since the iPod Touch with VoIP is like a mobile phone, I believe it qualifies. iPod hackers Dr Marian Kepesi, “Eok” and Samuel Vinson have designed and shipped an iPod Touch microphone and developed VoIP software that allows you to place calls using the mic/software combo.

The story of how this came together is great. Kepesi started the operation when he modded the docking cable, connecting the line-in pins to live audio, and recorded his first sample. The sound level was low but the signal was live. The iPod Touch’s ability to record was uncovered. Kepesi then put together his parts list and posted the circuit details so anyone could build the open source, dockable microphone. In total the parts cost about $30.

Users loved the microphone and he began making them for close associates. Due to time constraints he couldn’t manufacture enough to satisfy the demand, so he partnered with a Chinese company to manufacture and ship the mic.

After Kepesi had developed the mic, Eok and Vinson from Germany and France respectively, worked on the VoIP software. It was Internet collaboration at its finest. Now that the project is done, you too can have an iPod Touch with VoIP.

Go here for the VoIP software.

And get your mic here.



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