Nokia N85 highlights and talking points

Nokia N85
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P@sco, a cool Italian dude posted a review of the N85. The review is entirely in Italian and contains some decent screenshots.All About Symbian picked it up and one of their members translated the key points of the review.

I’ve taken a few points from their article, but I recommend checking All About Symbian for more.

Nokia N85
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The screen is fantastic especially for what concerns the images and videos. Furthermore the visibility of the screen is good also with intense sunlight. Probably, it is the best screen available on the N series and P@sco hopes that bigger screens based on the same technology will be available soon.”

It’s true. I would really like to see more smartphones with the same ability to process video.

“The software of the phone is one of the most complete Symbian tried up to now. It has very useful functions that other more expensive phones (N96 and Innov8) do not have. For example, “Update of installed Applications” and “Setting of Net”. This last allows the use of various web services that are not yet clarified.

Among the applications there is a FM transmitter also. As already tried successfully with the N78, it is possible the use of the transmitter to link the phone to the car stereo during the GPS navigation.”

I’m curious what the above various web services could be. I’m thinking it could be various Nokia Download Service type functions.

Navigation is very fast with both WiFi and 3G. Web pages are loaded very fast and it is also fast in GSM mode. Regarding this point, it is better than both N96 and Innov8 but it must be considered that the screen dimensions penalize this terminal respect the two above mentioned.”

I smell speed test! Let’s put it against the iPhone.

“The GPS has been used to Geotag some photos and for a brief urban travel with Maps. The fix is very quick (30 seconds) and the signal has been maintained during all the travel even in zones with high buildings.”

This is going to be great for LBS applications which are all the rage these days.

The photos have been compared with those of the N95. In general they appeared good-looking but it seems that is necessary some improvements (with the next firmwares) especially for what concerns the macro and the night modes. Anyway as a first release it is very good already

Carl Zeiss lense is so pro.

“The recorded videos are fluids but there are some limits if you want to record subject in fast moving. The play of recorded videos is not easily to describe: the colors are so natural that you have the impression to look something through a real window and not a screen of a mobile phone.

The audio is very good and it is better than that of the Innov8.”

Again, something Nokia continuously dominates is video quality. I wish my iPhone could do this.

“With NGAGE the phones works very well. The screen is marvellous and, of course, perfect for gaming. About the phone performances, no slowing down have been observed. The phone seems to be a perfect game-machine.”

I’m looking forward to showcasing some of these games on the site. Rest Generation is such a great game.

[Via AllAboutSymbian]

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    i love what i read about this fantastic phone nokia n85, but we r yet to c it in nigeria here and many including myself r anxious to have one . can anybody out there HELP?

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    I Just wanted to add that ( is a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur.

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    where can one get this superb phone in nigeria? pls let me know . this phone is end of discussion. it is just d peak of d pack

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