Vayyoo vPost application for BlackBerry: instant restaurant review

Vayyoo for BlackBerry

Vayyoo (Pronounced vy-you) lets BlackBerry users quickly capture and bundle together pictures, voice, text, forms, video, and location (via GPS) through an incredibly easy to use interface.

Since Vayyoo is based out of Ottawa, Canada, and so are we, I therefore got the opportunity to hang out with their marketing department and see what their product can do for the average consumer (currently target towards enterprise). We went to Oz Kafe on Elgin Street for their special once a month Chef night. The food is absolutely spectacular and it was a great opportunity to showcase what this product can do.

With Vayyoo’s vPost system, you can easily do an instant restaurant review. What we did was take a picture of the food, write a description of the meal, eat it, and then record a voice review of the meal. Here is a breakdown of the Chef Night at Oz Kafe. Look at all the wonderful food we ate!

When you have uploaded your vPost, this is the interface you’ll be working with.

Vayyoo\'s vPost system for BlackBerry

It’s very simple and easy to navigate. It shows you the description, picture and voice recording for you to review.

Now check out our first course:

Vayyoo Vpost from a BlackBerry
Poached salmon salad - Delicious!

2nd course:

Foie gras roulade
Braised chicken & duck roulades - Whoa.

This particular course was so amazing I have to let you hear the voice recording. Keep in mind this recording was taken in a packed restaurant where a lot of wine is served and people get very loud.

Click the following icon to listen to the audio review of this course:

3rd course:

The most delicious won ton I\'ve ever had
Calendula Agnolotti - Difficult to pronounce but easy to eat.

4th course (amuse guele):

Our fourth and final course
Campfire smoked truffles - Incredible presentation.

So there you have it. Vayyoo’s vPost system makes for an easy to use consumer product with far reaching implications and the potential for some web startups.

Also check out their promotional PDF here.


3 Responses to “Vayyoo vPost application for BlackBerry: instant restaurant review”

  1. 1 Ronen

    Totally cool! How fast was the application? Is it easy to access the backend? Can you access your recordings from your cellphone

  2. 2 Kyle

    Hey thanks for checking us out Ronen. Great work on your post.

    The application was BLAZING fast. While Kyle from Vayyoo vPosted, I (Kyle from QB) was checking it at the same time on my iPhone. We’re talking seconds for uploading.

    In terms of the backend, I’m assuming you’re looking to get it hooked up to WordPress. This is not easy. I will give you a little inside tip though, it is definitely something they’re looking at.

    And for sure you can access the recordings on your phone. You can log into the interface in pic 1 from your phone as well as listen to all the recordings from your device. It’s real easy!

  3. 3 Rick Horn

    I use something similar to the product you described on my Sony Ericsson phone. Its called revnx. I am able to capture videos and photos and upload and share with my friends… I think the website is and its free for everyone…

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