Tonchidot: Japanese people make the coolest things

While Kyle and I were in San Francisco covering CTIA, there was another event taking place at the same time: the TechCrunch50, which is an event for startups to demo their wares and get bought/funding. One of the highlights of the show was from Tonchidot and it’s Japanese CEO Takahito Iguchi.

The long video (17 minutes!) is worth watching not only as a demonstration of how the right piece of software can turn simple things like location and a camera into a next-level experience, but the enthusiasm Iguchi-san displays for his product while trying to overcome a significant language barrier.

Doesn’t everyone want something like this on their phone? And maybe a cool Japanese dude following you around, saying things like “Imagination!”?

[via TechCrunch]

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    These guys are hilarious!

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