The HTC Dream G1 vs BlackBerry Storm vs iPhone 3G - A consumer report

iphone 3g vs htc dream g1 vs blackberry storm

Touch screen smartphones are going to dominate the consumer market with their friendly UI, innovative games, true HTML browsing and general rich media capabilities. The market has now hit a point where there are 3 incredible touch screen devices aimed directly at prosumers. The HTC Dream G1, the iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Storm. Of course there are more touch screen phones like the Instinct and the HTC Touch Diamond, but the 3 phones I have chosen are direct competitors. It’s an exciting time because no matter how the market divides itself, rest assured the smartphone consumer market will explode over the next few years. The questions I would like to answer are: what phone is best for who and why?

Table of Contents
1. The HTC Dream G1
2. The BlackBerry Storm
3. The iPhone 3G
4. HTC Dream G1 Specs
5. BlackBerry Storm Specs
6. iPhone 3G Specs

The HTC Dream G1

HTC Dream G1
The first device I’ll be looking at is the HTC Dream G1. This Google imbued phone has the hardware and user interface to make for an awesome phone. If open source turns out to be everything we hope it will, a strong developers community will surface bringing this phone from great to amazing. The fact that it has a QWERTY keyboard is also really helpful and sets it apart from the other touch screen devices. Obviously one of the biggest drawbacks with touch screen phones is the difficulty in typing. The HTC Dream has eliminated this. Watch the demo to see the superior OS in action.

Demo Video


This phone is perfect for the well-educated prosumer. Due to the rich nature of the OS, the phone has a great potential that is wasted on a less informed market, but provides a great new open world for the experienced user. This phone will be especially powerful for developers to own. I’m expecting a huge surge in the developers community to push the phone to its limits. The Android Market will surely be a hotspot for apps that the Apple community may not be able to keep up with. The device will launch on T-Mobile October 20th, and will retail for $200 on a 2 year contract.

17 Responses to “The HTC Dream G1 vs BlackBerry Storm vs iPhone 3G - A consumer report”

  1. 1 VerSe

    You forgot a Window Mobile contender. Forget the HTC Touch Diamond, that thing is ugly, you should add the HTC Touch HD in there. Honestly I think that one looks better than the iPhone!

  2. 2 Kyle

    You’re absolutely right! The HTC Touch HD looks like it will be a great media phone.

    I guess I just felt that 2 devices from the same manufacturer would show some bias I don’t really have.

    But it is for sure a device worthy of attention!

  3. 3 VerSe

    Check out my reply to your comment on G Style. I totally agree with you. My thoughts were purely based on looks alone. In the end the iPhone would win regardless. Of this phones. Thought I’m a hardcore Blackberry lover, I don’t like the storm. The HTC is great with Android but that phone design sucks, but looking forward to seeing Android on another one, maybe even the Touch HD. And the iPhone, well that is the “in” phone right now.

  4. 4 ros

    Android on a HTC Touch HD…*drool*
    Lets hope that happens!

  5. 5 jay

    The biggest problem with the IPhone: AT & T. I recently bought one and even after the 2.1 update it worked terribly. I am in Phoenix, AZ a major metropolitan area. It literally drops ever call, Safari constantly crashes, the apps are very buggy. The reception is horrendous.

    Why Apple went with AT & T is beyond me. So I returned this to the Apple store after 20 days of use, and told them I would never buy a product from them again.

    So now I am waiting patiently to try two other phones:

    Blackberry Storm and the HTC Touch HD.

    I expect the HTC HD will be available sometime in early 2009 through sprint - who has a great network, and of course Verizon has a great network so the Storm should work well.

    IPhone has so much potential, but the bottom line is that if you cannot even have a decent conversation on it what’s the point?

  6. 6 VerSe

    Jay I would have to disagree with you. I’ve been with AT&T in New York City for the last 4 years and have never had one drop call. I’ve went from a regular basic phone (can’t even remember what that was back then), to the Blackberry 8700, then a Blackberry Curve 8300, and now currently a Curve 8310. Never had one dropped call, no problem with service or anything.

    Don’t know why so many people with the iPhone have trouble.

  7. 7 Off Topic

    A little off Topic here, but Barrack Obama is Horrible. Please do not vote for this man.

  8. 8 WR

    I’m looking forward to the BB Storm. I was going to purchase the BB Bold, but I just received a Verizon postcard re: the Storm.

    Q - Will the Storm have a trackball?

    BTW (and in response to Off Topic), vote for Obama if you want the country to turn around and head in a much better direction then where we’re headed now (and will likely continue under McCain).

  9. 9 Storm Reviews
  10. 10 Delegator

    Android looks like a potentially interesting platform, but being in the software business I wouldn’t buy V1 of any new OS. Having the tried and true BB push infrastructure and synchronization, the V2 of Apple’s iPhone and its exchange integration…that’s what business users need/want.

    Being tethered to the T-Mobile network is also a weak point for the HTC device. T-Mobile is almost a non-entity here in New Hampshire, where you lose their signal about half a mile off the highway. I need a device that makes me reachable when I’m skiing, traveling, etc. Even AT&T has lots of coverage problems up north, which is why I don’t have an iPhone.

    I’m far from the only one who is limited to Verizon for coverage purposes, but maybe HTC will release a CDMA version of this thing once Verizon’s network becomes open in December 2008. More competition for devices is good.

  11. 11 Coolness

    There’s only an available black G1. Where did this person get the gold? I want the gold!

  12. 12 Steve

    Can anyone explain why iPhone doesn’t have a the simple edit functions of copy and paste and to forward messages? The lack of these functions makes it useless if you are doing any written communication.

  13. 13 abcyesn

    Loving the phone, it’s probably one of the best phones coming into the mobile market, I really like how it has all the blackberry software with a full touch screen, there’s already a fans website for the storm at

  14. 14 i h8 obama

    response to WR’s obama comment!
    don;t post your political views on a technology forum! and the BB storm doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi hotspots.

  15. 15 valod

    verse your an idiot the “in” phone? what if the “in” thing was smoking crack? just because a bunch of 14 year old girls buy the iphone doesn’t mean its the :in” phone. voting for obama is the in thing now but the votes don’t count. the best phone is the android phone because the os is open source i don’t know much about the storm but i know that the iphone sucks. cant record video cant send pix msg cant do shit but spend money on apps that don’t do shit. it just looks nice but that doesn’t matter. my dick looks nice too but it doesn’t get sucked enough

  16. 16 celltek1

    Open source OS is a step in a better direction as this works to the mobile user benifiting from a growing programmer base. It would be nice if the G1 incorperated UMA to allow for VOIP calling so that I could log onto an open WIFI network and make unlimited calls including long distance for 10$ per month (see T-Mobile’s @ home product for more info). As to who is better T-Mobile or ATT is a matter of perception based on where you primarily use you phone (rural vs urban) I’ve worked for both as a contractor and the equipment in the field is pretty much the same in many regional areas. Look at a cell tower and you’ll see multiple tiers of antenna arrays, yep you betcha most of the time their on the same tower. Ultimately it comes down to perception, just like with presidential choice.

  17. 17 henry

    Just look at a comparison between the
    iPhone, G1, blackberry bold, and blackberry storm
    The Blackberry storm seems to win in most categories.

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