US mobile phone users increasingly into mobile entertainment

Mobile entertainment

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A survey by Artificial Life of US phone subscribers, reveals that 46% of users are using their device for mobile entertainment purposes. The survey also shows that smartphone users are very interested in mobile entertainment content (87.5% of users) and 56% of people who do not own a smartphone, want one. Good news people! My question is: If you don’t use your phone for mobile entertainment, where have you been? On Mars with your eyes sowed shut and your fingers in your ears? Harsh.

[Via Cellular-News]

2 Responses to “US mobile phone users increasingly into mobile entertainment”

  1. 1 bobby janniro

    Once you get an iPhone, (or if you choose the Android) How do you solve that complicated issue of where to get your porn? The newest site on the block looks like THey have full length, high quality clips.

    This is the fastest growing industry…by 2012 the say 33 billion+ How can you not take a piece? Even pornhub is doing it.

  2. 2 Jim Hornsby

    You seriously. Bobby has it right on. THey have a new site too… They have all FREE content baby!!!

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