Mobile Content 2008: Mike Pearson of Google talks Android

HTC Dream G1 in the wild

One of my favorite speakers at the conference has been Mike Pearson who does corporate development for Google. During his speech he talked at length about the Google mentality and how it is incorporated into Android. He talked about how the Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, created Google from free, open source software, and how this should be the case for a mobile operating system.

His speech was definitely invigorating. I’m already excited about the potential of Google’s Android and the apps coming out are top notch. I so badly want this OS to succeed because I want the business model to succeed. Its founding principles are so humanity driven and aimed at improving the mobile industry, that success for it would make us all better off.

At the end of the speech, I had to talk to him regarding the recent move by T-Mobile to cap the “unlimited” data package on the G1 at 1GB. He had to tone down the scope of the conversation because of my unfamiliarity with the science behind bands and frequencies, but I got the point. T-Mobile had to cap the data because their network simply isn’t capable of handling a vast amount of network data. We didn’t get much of a chance to talk too long about this, because the next presenter was starting, but his response didn’t leave me feeling great about the situation. Maybe Google should have simply not agreed to launch on T-Mobile if the network couldn’t handle it. Although what is the alternative? AT&T? We all know the iPhone is already sucking up that network’s power.

Before we parted I asked him if he’s using the G1. He said of course. Then I asked to see it. He said no way. Dang.

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