IUGO prepares for launch of Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1


IUGO Mobile Entertainment, creator of EA’s hit titles Boom Blox mobile and Tiger Woods ’07, is steadfastly approaching completion of its first iPhone release title TBD: Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1.

The team is very excited about the look and feel of the game, not to mention how all of the long hours have paid off in creating a spellbinding adventure. You can’t help but fall in love with the miniature machine with endless perseverance! Players will engage in stylized, interactive, physics-based environments that balance intuitive controls and challenging puzzles. “TBD from day 1 has been designed specifically for the iPhone and its unique capabilities. We’re really excited about the uniqueness and ease of play coming together to create a truly enthralling experience for iPhone owners,” explains Aaron Lake, lead developer of TBD.




2 Responses to “IUGO prepares for launch of Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1”

  1. 1 Toy Bot

    I played it start to finish, couldn’t put it down. It’s great fun. Can’t wait to go through and get the collectables! I want all his memories!

    Bring on Ep 2!

  2. 2 Adel

    Couldn’t find it in appstore, but i did a search and it appeared. Must be just recently added. Looks pretty sweet and i’m a puzzle geek so i’ll cough out the dough and give this a try… They seem to have priced it competitively.

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