Kyle waits for the iPhone 3G all night, goes insane on Twitter

QuicklyBored editor in chief Kyle McInnes waits for an iPhone 3G

“I am a Golden God.”

After deciding that we had to have an iPhone 3G at launch, the QuicklyBored staff drew straws to see which lucky bastard would get to hold the Jesus Phone 2. With Machiavellian-like gusto Coincidentally, QB’s editor in chief, Kyle McInnes, just happened to win. Of course, that meant Kyle had to stand out in the cold all night in front of a Rogers store. What follows is is a time line of Kyle’s slow decent into madness, as told through the QuicklyBored Twitter feed.

5:08 pm — QuicklyBored is in line! It begins!
5:09 pm — The dude in front of me thinks he can sell spots ahead of him. What?!
5:18 pm — The first guy in line (I’m 3rd) has like 10 older iPhones and a Mercedes slk. Damn.
8:11 pm — Dude who wants to sell spots in line is breaking down his scam to reporters who are unimpressed.
10:11 pm — All the news crews have left. Now the party begins!
1:08 am — Getting drink at the bar across the street with some boys who were in line. And by drink I mean drunk.

Waiting for an iPhone 3G

1:19 am — Now we’re watching DVDs. Someone is smoking pot! AAAh!
1:35 am — Gonna give twitter to the crowd.
1:36 am — Kyle’s phone sux!

Larry the Security Guy

1:52 am — Larry the security boy is getting dissed. Poor kid.
1:55 am — They’re giving him a “cool-over”
1:56 am — “you gotta pop the collar!”

iphone 3g launch lineup

3:06 am — We are blaring death metal right now.
4:33 am — I am delirious with sleep.
4:47 am — This would be way more fun if it were 8.
4:49 am — 23 people now.

iPhone 3G launch line

6:25 am — I have a phone activated and waiting!

Unfortunately, Kyle hasn’t been heard from since. Some say he flew to Mexico, while others think he’s taking a nap on the QB couch. Only time will tell for sure.

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  1. 1 Noƫlle

    hahaha awesome, good job!i love the unicorns!

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