How To trick out your Samsung BlackJack, part 2

A lot of BlackJacks

Again, for your hacking pleasure, scoured the vast internet to find the best tips and tricks for your Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-i617).

In case you missed it, I recently did a tips and tricks post for your Samsung Blackjack I (SGH-i607), so if you’ve got one of those I highly recommend you check out that post for some awesome hacks and how-to’s.

Delete Large Amounts of Text Quickly: With your cursor at the end of your text, hold down the “caps/shift” key, click UP on the D-Pad until you reach the top of the message (or however far you want to delete). Once all the text you want to delete is highlighted, hit the “backspace” key once! Presto! All gone!

Create New Text Messages with Speed Dial: There are always those couple people in your phone that you text all the time .. Creating a new Text message on the Blackjack II can be annoying (Going to Messages, New Text Message, Add Recipients, Search for your recipient, Select recipient … not to mention all the load time between those steps).
Here’s what you do:

1. Go to “Contacts”
2. Select the Contact (Center D-Pad button)
3. Highlight “Send text message”
4. Click “Menu” (Right soft key)
5. Select “Add Speed Dial” (Second from the bottom)
6. Change keypad assignment to the desired Speed Dial number
7. Select “Done” (Left soft key)

When you’re on the home screen, hold down the corresponding Speed Dial number key (you don’t need to press Fn) . This will open up the standard “Call Search” screen, keep holding the Speed Dial number key down. After 2 seconds a blank Text Message will open with the correct recipient already added.

Note, if you use a two-digit Speed Dial number (Ex. 24), from the home screen, type in the first number (Ex. 2) and then press and hold the second number (Ex. 4) until the new Text Message screen appears.

This same technique can be used to add Speed Dial to Call or E-mail; In Step 3, highlight the function you want to add Speed Dial to.

Turn Off the Backlight: To force the backlight off, press and hold the “Messages” hard button!
Zoom In On Your Screen: The Samsung Blackjack II has a built in “Zoom” feature that can come in handy for those of you with eyes as poor as mine.

1. Hold down the Camera hard button and your Blackjack II will Zoom in on the screen.
2. Use Volume Up/Down to Zoom In and Out.
3. Press the D-Pad Select button to select the “scroll” method (horizontal, vertical, zig-zag).
4. Use the Left and Right Select buttons to increase and decrease the scroll speed.
5. Press the D-Pad and select the “X” to exit from the Zoom feature.

Check out the great video on YouTube for a demo!

Select Multiple Files in the File Explorer:To select multiple items in the File Explorer (Applications > File Explorer), hold down the “Shift” key while pressing Up or Down on the D-Pad. You will be able to select multiple files and cut, copy, delete or send/beam them all at once!
Restore Factory Default Settings: To restore factory default settings:

1. Turn off your Blackjack II
2. Press the Up button on the D-pad
3. While holding the Up button on the D-pad, turn the Blackjack 2 back on
4. You should immediately see instructions on how to restore your phone to factory settings

Note: if you see the at&t and 3g animations, try again - most likely you were not pressing the Up button on the D-pad when you turned the phone back on.
Navigate “Settings” Quickly: When paging through the “Settings” menu, click “left” and “right” in the D-Pad to move through pages instead of selecting the “More…” menu option.

Fn Key Shortcut: A short cut for… a button? You got it! Instead of pressing the Fn (Function) key to gain access to your numbers or symbols while in “abc” mode - just hold down the key for 2 seconds.
Have some tricks you’d like to add to the list? Tell us all about it!

15 Responses to “How To trick out your Samsung BlackJack, part 2”

  1. 1 renee

    hey! very useful tips thanks! u should fine a way to delete whole whole words! :-D
    ps im on my blackjack right now haha

  2. 2 Chris

    Is there a way to type in bold? My normal Outlook signature has bold text in it and I want to carry that over into my signature on by BJ2.


  3. 3 Mario

    Does anyone know how to send a text with multiple recipiants? Also, Can you save the contacts in selected groups??

  4. 4 Charlie

    I have the same question as Mario - any answers??

  5. 5 Bambi Blue

    Renee: Holding shift while moving the cursor with the d-pad selects text - can you then hit the backspace key and delete the whole word?

    Chris: Unfortunately, I have no idea how to work around this. Everything but ‘plain text’ seems to be grayed out in Outlook’s settings. If I find an answer to this, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, try posting this question on the forums at WinMoCool ( and see what people can come up with for you.

    Mario & Charlie: When you want to send an SMS message to multiple people, you have to go up to ‘To:’ and click the middle button “ok” then chose the first person you want to send it to, click “ok”, then when it takes you back to the message and has added that number, just click “ok” again and it’ll let you chose someone else. You can repeat this each time and send it to however many people you choose.

  6. 6 joan

    Two shortcut requests:

    How to multiple select messages for deleting?

    How to switch between applications without closing the first one?

    Great tips here! Thanks!

  7. 7 tori

    Is there a way to make my texts only display the name of the person not the text message itself?

  8. 8 nick

    How do you delete the whole phone? any key you can press that turns the blackjack II into an iphone?

    WOW am I disappointed in this thing.

  9. 9 jack

    Hey nick… There is one. It’s called $200 with 2 year contract. if you look on the keypad, press Fn key and go to the att store.
    Dude, Blackjack II is a nice phone.

  10. 10 Ben

    @joan - to switch between apps without closing them, press and hold the home key until a list of apps pops up. you can choose to switch to any one of them. hit the back key later to go back to the previous one. this is also handy for killing off apps you don’t want have running anymore. WM6/6.1

  11. 11 parkerr

    any time i am listening to my music on my BlackJack 2 and I go to answer a text message or just leave the music player, it stops the music!!! is there any way i can still listen to my music while doing other stuff on my phone??

  12. 12 miket

    Didn’t you just copy all those tips & tricks from’s Tips & Tricks section???

  13. 13 Jamee

    I notice that when I play songs or ringtones on my media player, it has a 75% on the right hand side. My friend has the same phone and it says 95% and it’s much louder, can I change mine to 95% or 100%?

  14. 14 Courtney

    I used to have a bj2, but just bought a new one, now my messaging does not show the whole convo…how do i change that?

  15. 15 angie

    how can u turn on the blackjack 2 if the power button is broken?

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