Unlocking your T-Mobile HTC Dash

I just recently got an HTC Dash from T-Mobile but in order to use it in Canada I’m going to have to get it unlocked. Here is a QuicklyBored Guide to getting your HTC Dash by T-Mobile unlocked. Executive summary: Check the criteria for unlocking before starting.

First, before anything else, before even thinking about getting your T-Mobile Dash unlocked, is to make sure you’ve had the phone active for more than 90 days. If that’s the case, proceed to the next step.

Step two getting your phone unlocked is that you will need to set up a PIN number with your account. Here is what customer service told me:

“Mr. QuicklyBored, in order to assist you with this request we would require you to set a new PIN number on your account that is not the last four digits of your mobile number. This is a new security measure that has been implemented to protect your privacy. I would like to request you to please provide your new 4-digit PIN number, which will be used to gain access to your account from then on.”

Don’t bother going through the email customer service. Just call customer service at any of the below numbers and they’ll give you instructions to unlock the phone. This is the free way. There are ways of unlocking the phone for abuot $40 which I’ll below.

To call T-Mobile Customer Care while roaming internationally, dial:

+1-505-998-3793 from a T-Mobile Handset

From a landline: (IDD Code)


611 - from your handset

Now if you’re ready to spend $40, just follow these steps provided by Jon Holato:

1. Go to

2. Enter your IMEI into the form and hit continue. To find your IMEI number just dial *#06# on your Dash.

3. Complete the necessary PayPal form — comes out to around $40.

4. Save the DASHv2Unlock Program to your computer — downloadable from the Web site in Step 1

5. Go into your email account on file with PayPal and save the UNL file that matches your IMEI to your computer.

6. Turn on the Dash and establish an ActiveSync connection.

7. Extract and run the DASHv2Unlock program from Step 4.

8. Supply the DASHv2Unlock program with the UNL file from Step 5.

9. That’s it, just wait until the program finishes and your phone reboots.

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