Playing with your carrier: Rogers

Phone fun
This is the first post in a series of “How to have fun” on you phone depending on what carrier you are subscribed to. Today, I’ll go over some of the cool stuff you can do if you have a decent device and you are on the Rogers network. Instead of just pointing you to the usual stuff such as game downloads, we’ll focus on the carrier specific content.

Mobile TV/Video

The TV and Video content seems to be branded under what Rogers calls Rogers Vision. Within that, you get TV, video, clip sharing and general community access. The mobile TV seems to be the best of the mobile video offered by Rogers.

Rogers offers some good content in terms of mobile TV. They have over 25 channels and some of them seem pretty awesome. From the list, I would say my favorites would be: MuchVibe, G4 Tech TV, ToonWorld TV Classics and Comedy Time. In terms of bad programming, well you’ve got your pick. How about MAXX LOOK, which boasts “Girls in bikinis, lingerie, and less. The tunes are fresh, the girls are ready come on in. MAXX Look All Girls. All the Time.” Holy embarassing. Another super terrible channel would be clearly be Fox News. I mean, c’mon, does anyone still take them seriously?

One of the unique music services that Rogers offers is called Redpipe. Redpipe is basically Rogers’ version of Myspace. Artists upload songs and there’s a community of people to talk and download all the hits. There are also really cool contests like $25,000 to an up-and-coming unsigned Canadian artist. By the way, I must be seriously out of touch with what people are listening to these days. I don’t recognize a single band from the top 10 downloads page. Is it because they’re all Canadian or something?

Other than that, you can also use the Rogers Wireless Box Office. This feature is good because, as the ad says, “you can now browse and purchase concert tickets directly from your Rogers wireless phone! Anytime… anywhere.” Word!

Apps and socializing

Rogers offers a few services that are not unique to Rogers but instead work through a group of affiliates. Through Rogers you’ll of course have access to Facebook and Myspace from any mobile phone as well as a variety of romance based sites such as Lavalife and Quest. Other than that, Rogers has a unique service called “LookAtMe!” where you can be a part of a video clip community.
With LookAtMe! you can upload videos of yourself or whatever you’ve captured with your phone and other users in the community can check it out. All videos are moderated so don’t even think about uploading Happy Slapping videos.

The service costs 50 cents for an upload and 50 cents for a download. You also have to factor in data rates for that too which makes it more expensive.

All around I would say Rogers has some pretty great entertainment available. Other than what they offer, I wouldn’t mind an iPhone. Can we PLEASE get that sorted out?

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