BlackBerry Curve CDMA first impressions

I just got a BlackBerry Curve 8330 and I’m going to completely trick it out. I’m going to spend the time and energy to do whatever upgrades and customization I can and document the process. Feel free to comment and suggest various upgrades and custom jobs to make it as cool as possible. I might even put spinners on it.

I had to hook up my BlackBerry to my MacBook which is a slightly awkward process. Google points me to the PocketMac for BlackBerry software so I just ran with that assuming everything would be ok. My BlackBerry can now charge but the software isn’t recognizing the device. Under “device” it says nothing and under “status” it says “available”. I was really hoping device would say “Super sick phone that makes you feel like you have the power of Greyskull at your finger tips” and under status, just “P-I-M-P”.

In terms of first impressions, I had a great deal of trouble trying to get all my email accounts to work properly. This was the biggest downer for me. First I set up my gmail through the usual channels of creating a new email account but my Gmail kept sending me delivery notifications and it was blowing up my inbox. To solve the problem, I downloaded Google Mobile products which included a gmail application. Then, I deleted my gmail account and set up the Gmail application on the left quick key (just go to the options>screen/keyboard).

Once I got my email working my BlackBerry was fully operational and completely awesome. Time to start tricking it out! Stay tuned…

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