THQ, Terraplay, and T-Mobile team together

THQ has announced that four games will be appearing on T-Mobile’s Game LIVE service in the UK.

The four games–Top Trums: Star Wars, Top Trumps: MotoGP, Top Trumps: Football Legends, and Worms–are all powered by Terraplay’s Global Gaming Network. The GGN provides in-game billing, multiplayer options, and community features. Pricing for the games is £1 for 24 hours, after which can rent the game for an additional 1, 2, or 7 days for £1, £2, or £3, respectively.

“The Top Trumps series has consistently delivered classic competitive gameplay that has seen worldwide commercial success,” said Adam Comiskey, Wireless International VP at THQ. “Being able to bring the live entertainment of competitive elements to mobile games is the next step in consumer proposition for us.”

The games will appear on the Games LIVE service starting this month.

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