Gaming at work may increase productivity

WorldWinner, an online game competition site, has released the results of a survey that suggests that casual gaming at work may actually increase overall productivity.

Of those polled, more than 80% said they feel more focused after gaming, 76% said their productivity improved, and 72% said they rely on game playing to reduce stress.

“When I need a break during the workday, I often turn to online skill games to recharge my brain,” said WorldWinner player Jeff R. “I’ve found that taking a few minutes and challenging myself with a word game, puzzle, sports or card game can really boost my productivity; I return to work with a fresh perspective and improved creativity. Playing games can also get me revved up before starting a big project – especially when I win!”

And to put your employer’s mind at ease, only 14% of those surveyed said then spend more than 30 minutes throughout the day playing games, and only 52% of those who play at work play during non-official break times.

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