Sony and AT&T offer contest to meet Snoop Dogg

Sony Pictures Television and AT&T Wireless have announced a contest for players of the new Snoop Dogg Cruisin’ game.

To enter, AT&T Wireless subscribers simply buy Cruisin’. They will be given a URL and a promotion code. At the site, users can customize one of three cars and enter themselves in the contest for a chance to meet Snoop and his crew. Mr. Dogg himself will be judging the finalists and picking the winner.

Cruisin’ is a casual game that lets players customize their own lowrider, modifying the hydraulics, stereo, paint and more. The titles features four game modes–Height, Snoop Says, Freestyle, and Cruise–and three different L.A. neighborhoods, as well as single players, competition, and multiplayer modes.

The game is available on wireless carriers nationwide, however the contest is only open to AT&T Wireless subscribers.

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