IQ Academy Reviewed

iq academy
Our next roundup entry is IQ Academy by Upstart Games. IQ Academy is actually a collection of games from G-mode’s previously released brain training titles in Japan. We’ll see how it compares to the other games.

Diversity and difficulty of puzzles
This game has 8 puzzles with no varying difficulty. Each game will alter itself slightly each time you play but it doesn’t change the difficulty. With so few puzzles and no difficulty scale, the game is seriously lacking in this department.

Measure of success

The only measure of success in this game is when you complete an examination. This is where you are briefly tested on your ability to complete every puzzle. Similar to Magmic’s Brain Up, IQ Academy has an evolution scale where you start as a young ugly schoolboy and move your way up to be a college grad. The only problem is, the game is so easy that you can become a college grad the first time you play.

Replay value

There is basically zero replay value for this game. Once you have completed the examination and you’re a college grad, there isn’t really a point in playing anymore. If this game had the ability to play multiple times and chart your success, I might have played it again. This game can be completed in literally 5 minutes.
iq academy

Graphically, this game is pleasing. It’s nice to have something good to say about the game because in terms of Brain Games, Upstart has really missed out on some crucial features. If you’re looking for a Brain Game and your sole criteria is that it looks nice, I guess you can buy this game.

Since there weren’t any math problems, typing in numbers was not a feature of this game. How can you have a Brain Game that doesn’t incorporate math? This entire game can be played with the d-pad which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I enjoy inputting answers because the speed at which I input them is part of the fun. The controls for this game were therefore adequate but that doesn’t say much because the game is lacking in its entirety.

The very first time you play IQ Academy, all of the mini-games are available. That decision completely removes any sense of discovery, since you see everything there is during your first play session.

On Sprint, IQ Academy does use the Game Lobby feature so you can check out your brain power against other players, which is interesting but does not save the game.

Overall, IQ Academy is missing the basic elements of a good Brain Game. This will definitely not win the Roundup.

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