Cellufun’s User-Generated Content Games

CellufunCellufun, LLC, a mobile community portal and a provider of real-time multi-player games that can be played on existing and next-generation mobile phones, today announced the release of the Captives of Witch Hill, an adventure game specifically designed with cell phone players in mind.

“The mobile phone is a perfect medium for adventure games,” said Steve Dacek, Cellufun’s Chief Operating Officer and resident adventure game aficionado. “These games make minimal user interface demands while offering the player an immensely rewarding puzzle-solving experience.” Steve, who hasn’t forgotten trying to get precious computer lab time on campus to make a few moves in Colossal Cave, personally oversaw the design and development of Cellufun’s sophisticated adventure game engine, which supports multiple languages and more than 600 handsets, and can introduce elements from other areas of Cellufun’s WAP portal into the storyline.

In keeping with its WEB 2.0 user-generated content strategy, Cellufun is inviting its players and other game authors to create additional adventure games and publish them on its WAP portal at The eventual goal is for authors to be able to develop the adventures online at Cellufun’s website at, but for now, game creators would need to do a little more work and submit the developed adventures using an open specification.

“Adventure games were at the top of our users feature requests,” said Arthur Goikhman, Cellufun’s CEO. “We are incredibly excited about bringing this beloved genre to a whole new generation of mobile audiences, not to mention the many thousands of our Blackberry(TM) and SmartPhone players that will enjoy this modern interpretation of the games they loved to play.”

The Cellufun team challenges players to rescue the Captives of Witch Hill by Halloween. Join the adventure by pointing your phone’s browser to

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