Advanced Brain Trainer Review

advanced brain trainer
This is the second installment of our Brain Games Roundup. Advanced Brain Trainer is a Brain Game developed by Filao with a doctor-patient theme reminiscent of Brain Age for the Nintendo DS.

This game starts off by walking you through the basics of the game and how to play the puzzles. There is a lot of reading to do in the beginning and they force you to read pseudo-scientific jargon such as “if you train your brain more often, then it will become stronger.” I felt babied through the game’s introduction.

Once you pass the boring introduction, you enter the real game. You can choose between 2 different doctors who will monitor your progress. The doctors differ in how they rate your performance and what they expect of you. I chose the female doctor because she seemed like a better doctor. I’m pretty sure the other guy was being sued for malpractice.
advanced brain trainer
Diversity and difficulty of puzzles
There are 9 different puzzles to choose from in this game which is okay. The game could do with a few more. Also, there is no option to change the level of difficulty of the puzzles which is crucial for a good Brain Game. This would also be helpful for a few of the games which I found incredibly difficult.

Measure of success
ABT has a system whereby it graphs your progress. This is crucial for a good Brain Game and I’m glad they included it.

Replay value
This is where the game demonstrates some of its greatest qualities. Since the game records your performance, you can play the game over the course of several weeks and take a look at how you are progressing. This is something that every Brain Game should incorporate.

The graphics in ABT are actually fairly nice. Like I’ve said before, they have a cartoon drawing type of feel to them just like Brain Age. Definitely nothing to complain about in this department.

This is actually one of the worst parts of this game. Instead of using the numbers on the phone’s keypad, the keys are representative of a group of numbers on the screen. For example, when you are asked to solve a math puzzle such as “9×5=?”, you have to find “45″ on the list of numbers and press the corresponding number on the keypad. This didn’t make any sense to me and I’d rather just type “45″.

Overall this game had some good points but I doubt it will be the game to win the overall roundup. If the controls were a little better and the puzzles had various difficulties, it would be a possible winner.

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