Super KO Boxing Review

Super KO
Although we are a little late on the Super KO Boxing review, everybody knew it was only a matter of time until it was added to the hotness section. By the way, did anyone notice our impressive new graphics in the hotness and whackness categories? Super KO Boxing is such a good mobile game that I’m ready to give up my first born for a copy of it; unless of course my first born is a copy of Super KO Boxing.

Super KO
The user interface in this game is a great example of how to make the best out of a bad situation. The buttons are easy to use and intuitive. Press 2 for high punches, 5 for low, 8 for blocking, 1 for taunting, 4 and 6 for dodging and * to unleash a devastating punch that will leave your opponent wondering where the ring went. Being a boxing game, you’d think that button mashing may come in play but it never does. The game is set up such that each opponent requires a particular strategy of thoughtfully placed punches and strategic blocks. If you just start with a windmill of punches you’re bound to get a face full of glove.

Super KO Arnold The basic game type in Super KO is the Circuit. You start off fighting a scrawny nerd who lives in his mom’s house and move your way up in difficulty. Eventually you fight a muscle bound military type and an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike. The difficulty increases at an appropriate speed because it was challenging but at the same time not crazy difficult; just like the third bear’s porridge.

In challenge mode, you can select from a variety of custom game types. Some game types include Woot (you can’t super punch and need to win in the first round) or Beat Bomb Blockless (you can’t block). Some other modes include Versus Mode for challenging any of the boxers you’ve fought that you want to get your KO on with again. This is a great feature because if I’m on the bus and I need to vent a little frustration I can choose the character who annoys me the most and just wail on them for a few rounds.

Super KO Rapper The only criticisms I have of this game is that it is so good I want more. You can’t give me a boxing game that my friends and I love without letting us fight each other. Glu has done a great job of utilizing the V-Cast network for the World Series of Poker game and I can only imagine how great Super KO would have been on the same network. With V-Cast network speeds, my friends and I would be super punching each other below the belt with little lag and smooth graphics.

* This game was reviewed on an LG VX7000

* You can buy this game here

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