Mechanics by OrangePixel

MechanicsGoes, Netherlands (September 6, 2006). “Mechanics is a OneThumb game, where you take control of various ‘Tools’ spread around the levels. These tools will interact with your Mechanics and save them from harm as they happily walk around. Your main task is to figure out when and how to operate the tools and keep your Mechanics alive.”

Mechanics ScreenMechanics proves to be a unique look at mobile gaming, with the short levels, the easy to pickup gameplay, and the phone-friendly game controls it can be picked up by almost any type of player. The variation in the levels with new things popping up every few levels makes you want to finish the game just to see what else is available. Ontop of that the game features unlockable OneThumb mini-games as a nice reward for players who finish the game aswell as providing more replay value.

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