Brain Games Roundup

We’re starting a new QuicklyBored roundup today and it will feature Brain Games. The pioneer in this field is Brain Age which was developed for the Nintendo DS. Brain Games are really great fun and according to the crazy scientist who developed Brain Age, they aren’t bad for us too.

In order to ensure a fair review of each Brain Game we will standardize the review policy. Each game will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

Diversity and difficulty of puzzles

A good Brain Game will have a wide range of puzzles to test your skills as well as keep you entertained. Testing various parts of the brain is also important. That being said, each game should have math, word and visual based puzzles. In terms of difficulty, each game should have a range of easy to difficult in order to keep your superior brain challenged.

Measure of success

If you’ve played Brain Age for the Nintendo DS, then you’ll remember that the measure of success in that game was keeping your brain at an optimal age. We would like to see all Brain Games having a measure of success so that you know your brain is growing.
Replay value

Pretty straight forward: If you can play the game often, then it’s all gravy.


A good Brain Game should be easy on the eyes.


Hopefully the controls are easy because the mobile platform can be frustrating.

Some of the games we’ll be looking to start the roundup with are:

  • Brain Up by Magmic
  • Brain Juice by Digital Chocolate
  • IQ Academy by Upstart Games

Like all roundups, late submissions are always accepted and we’ll gladly pass the crown to the newest victor. If you know of more Brain Games, please comment and let me know about them so they can be added to the roundup. Check in soon for the first submission.

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