World Series of Poker by Glu

This is a new entry to our Texas Hold’em roundup: Glu’s World Series of Poker. Although we have already declared a winner, the QuicklyBored contributors have decided to keep the roundups open indefinitely. This means that the winner of the roundup will have its place contested constantly by upcoming competition; although this is NOT one of those times.

Glu’s WSOP seems as though it is programmed by people who have never played a game of poker in their lives. It reminds me of playing strip poker with a group of girls who have no clue how to play. They never fold, always raise and will call everything regardless of what cards they have in their hands. I played about 10 rounds of WSOP in the single player mode and it is difficult to describe the frustration this game caused me.
The players kept going all-in all the time with a total disregard for their cards. This isn’t bluffing me. There is a difference between bluffing and ridiculous play. Making somebody think you have the straight when you only have a pair is bluffing. Going all-in when you actually have no possibility of a single pair is just plain stupid. The single player has a few side features that would have been great if this game wasn’t lacking the most important feature: an understanding of the game. You can track statistics, get advice, play in tournaments and analyze your opponents.

Graphically, this game looks very much like WPT in the sense that it is a long table and the screen has to move back and forth sideways as the game progresses. I personally think this is unnecessary. When games like THK2 have figured out a way to put an entire poker table on the screen, there is no reason why I have to watch an animation of the screen moving back and forth. Other than that the graphics are actually quite nice; but what’s the point in playing a nice-looking game of “no logic poker.”

The multiplayer was actually really great in this game. Verizon’s EV-DO network is so fast and it makes the multiplayer so seamless that it has been saved from whackness. Once you are in the multiplayer, you no longer have to deal with the idiotic AI and you can play fast games with online players who actually know how to play.

WSOP3We are trying to keep the whackness category thin because we want each game to have some quality that is so horrible other publishers will learn from it. It’s like teaching developers what not to do. Glu’s programming of the poker gameplay is so off that it had to be considered whackness. The players play as though they have no clue what a good poker move is and for that reason it was almost a whackness. The multiplayer is what saved this game and the people at Glu have Verizon to thank for that.

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