Sell Your Soul for Mobile Games

jennaDon’t want to pay the measly $5? Get ads.

Greystripe Inc. has a service called AdWRAP which is the first mobile in-game advertising network in North America. AdWRAP is a turnkey advertising network that uses viral promotion and “advergaming” to take advantage of mobile marketing.

Mobile users will have to put up with Greystripe’s patent-pending technology that provides advertisers with the ability to advertise to consumers anywhere and anytime.

“We selected Greystripe’s AdWRAP because it provides an effective and compelling way to reach a new market of consumers,” said John Boris, VP of Marketing at Zagat Survey. “It provides a highly qualified target audience for our ZAGAT TO GO product line.”

Mobile in-game advertisements are said to be unobtrusive but anyone with an internet connection knows that it is only a matter of time until your phone becomes a host for pop-ups and constant “take a survey and earn money from home” ads.

The in-game mobile advertising market is looking like a prosperous investment. According to M:Metrics, in 2005 there were approximately 55 million mobile game players in the US. In-game advertising revenues are predicted to grow to $732 million by 2010, up from $56 million in 2005, according to Yankee Group.

“AdWRAP will allow us to continue to develop free high-quality mobile games by providing us an avenue where we can generate revenue just by incorporating non-obtrusive advertisements into our games,” said Damir Slogar, CEO of Big Blue Bubble. “Greystripe’s technique not only allows users to fully enjoy great games, but also enables developers to easily and seamlessly implement the technology.”

Recently, HandyGames has signed a deal with Greystripe to offer ad-supported mobile games. Game genres such as puzzle, action, sports and casino will make up the 28 games that will be offered for free. Zagat survey, Modtones and GPShopper will be among the advertisers draining the life energy from users.

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