Mobile Game Conference Day 2

MS Live Anywhere
Day 2 Keynote - Chris Early, Studio Manager, Microsoft Casual Games Group

Whew, just made it in time. Everyone seems a lot more relaxed than yesterday, and a lot more hungover (I guess they were partying with Trip too).

9:15 - Here we go. Once again we have conference chair Matthew Bellows straight talkin’ about the industry. We’re starting to perk up a little bit; the first stage of the industry was based on casual adoption, the second stage on carriers dropping the price of higher-end handsets. But that�s not enough - it would just be tv before cable (i.e. not reaching our full potential). Innovation from all sides is necessary to prevent this from happening.

9:19 - Now co-chair Eric Goldberg is going to talk a bit about what’s happening today. Mmm, Microsoft’s Live Anywhere� That’s what I’m talking about.

9:20 - Chris Early has taken the stage. This keynote is all about Microsoft. For the majority
of its life as a company, it’s focused on productivity. But recently, a digital lifestyle has emerged to counter the typical digital workstyle. Microsoft Casual Games works across all Microsoft platforms to develop games (Xbox Live Arcade, Windows, MSN etc.).

9:24 - So where is Microsoft going They announced at E3 they’re entering the mobile space. The thinking was that they could leverage their knowledge of communities and do something cool in the mobile space - hence, Live Anywhere.

9:25 - The Vision: Single, common user identity. A common, universal community. A common digital object economy. Games that roam. One billing relationship (!!!). Sounds like gold, Chris!

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