Chessmaster Vs. Deep Fritz

Deep Fritz
Our QuicklyBored guide to mobile chess games has a new entry today: Chessmaster. Chessmaster is a popular chess game and it is only right that we put it up against the powerful Deep Fritz.

This is a nice looking game. Something new here is the Quiz Mode. In Quiz Mode, you need to solve chess puzzles to gain points. The puzzles are actually really difficult so congratulations to anyone who solves them.

The handheld’s skill ranges from “monkey” to “master”. So obviously we gave the handheld “master” strength to challenge Deep Fritz.

It takes about 20 games in order to get an accurate ELO rating so you can imagine how time consuming this is. I’m basically giving up my day job for this. One of the nice features of this game is that you can set the time limit on how long it takes to move a piece. This is a helpful feature because some chess games take forever to make a move.
Graphically, this game makes good use of space. I can see all the chess pieces but there is also space left for some in-game statistics. In terms of moving the chess pieces, this game could do with limiting the user’s ability to move the piece only in the pieces available area. It would just save some time.

There is no multiplayer in this chess game which is a shame because it is well designed game with easy to use menus.

After playing Deep Fritz, the ELO rating came in at 1620 which corresponds to a class B. This game is reminiscent of Medieval Kings Chess 2 in the sense that it is well designed but the chess engine seriously underperforms. At least MKC2 had a multiplayer function that would make up for a lack of chess power. Once again, if we could take the ChessGenius engine programmers and give them a job at Gameloft, Chessmaster would have come out nicely. Instead we are left with two whack games.

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