Mobile Games Industry Grows

According to Juniper Research, the mobile gaming industry is going to grow tremendously in terms of global revenues. Subscription and download revenues are set to rise from US$3.1 billion in 2006 to approximately US$17.6 billion by 2011. With consumers purchasing US$57 billion dollars worth of gaming over the next six years, the mobile game industry is bound to reap large profits. Hopefully, these profits will help mobile game developers afford a wide variety of games actually worth playing.

Currently, the Asia Pacific region dominates the market. Juniper has broken down the market as follows: 38% Asia Pacific
22% North America
31% Europe
9% Other

The Juniper report has a lot of positive things to say about mobile games. According to the report, they are becoming a class of their own. Mobile games are satisfying an increasing need courtesy of evolving technology.

The largest growth in mobile games is said to come from the casual game sector. Female gamers are a growing market force that is balancing the gender proportions of mobile gamers. Soon the day will come when you’ll be playing Tetris with your boy/girlfriend to settle the fight you had over the weekend.

Bruce Gibson, Research Director at Juniper, is confident about the industry and its potential:

I think the mobile games industry has at last found its identity, and it is a strong one. There is a real demand for mobile entertainment and games are at the very heart of it.

The casual games sector is going to be the market driver, even though it may not be at the leading edge of mobile games technology. Casual games make most use of the inherent advantages of the mobile platform. People want to fill dead time with easy to use, but fun games. This is the same in just about every culture.

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