Cast Your Votes!

On July 13th 2006, key executives from Sprint, Cingular and Amp’d Mobile will be in Seattle to judge the first ever Livepitch Onstage event. The contest is part of the Mobile Game Developers Conference. Game developers and publishers are invited to present demos or concepts of their new games to a panel of judges who can get the game published. Although there is no public voting system like the one in American Idol, the concept is similar.

“By taking part, you’ll get direct feedback from these market makers about your work, and a chance to establish better communication with the people who can get your games on phones throughout the U.S.,” said Christopher Sherman, Executive Director of the Mobile Game Conference. “You’ll also get your work out in front of an expert audience - more than a few of who will be watching for the next great mobile game.”

The LivePitch OnStage judges include Kris Davis, the Games Product Marketing Manger for Sprint; Andrew Stein, Sr. Product Manager at Cingular and Paul Nakayama, Sr. Director of Content Programming at Amp’d Mobile.

If you’re interested in applying, you better hurry. The application deadline is June 30. Send your game concept and as much of a graphical treatment as you’ve got to For more details visit here.

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