BlackBerry Receives Letter of Intent From Fairfax Financial

BlackBerry has received a Letter of Intent to be purchased by Fairfax Financial.

Transformers G1 Awakening coming soon to iPhone

Transformers Awakening for iPhone

Glu mobile has published a single screenshot of their upcoming original Transformers game for iPhone.

Judging from single screenshot, the game is a polished port of an already released mobile game of the same title.

The gameplay has a similar style to that of the Advance Wars series for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. I would call it a turn-based strategy game with sweet battle animations depicting the battles.

You can try out Glu’s mobile version on their free trial web-based emulator.

Via Kotaku

Fun With Apps: I Am T-Pain Video by Ru aka Rucifer aka Rutard

Our buddy Ru stopped by the office today and recorded a song with the I Am T-Pain app by Smule, the folks who did the iPhone Ocarina. Smule had a competition to see who had the best I Am T-Pain song and the winners were totally unoriginal, ripping off I’m On a Boat with I’m On a Phone. Anyways, enjoy the song!

Strong Month for Web 2.0 Financing


Fewer but larger deals push November over $200 Million in financing.

November 2009 is a month that saw 10 financings in excess of $15 million each, plus the $400 million acquisition of PlayFish by Electronic Arts. This despite the number of deals tracking well below the roughly 25 deals per month that our Web 2.0 universe has generated in 2009 to date. Regarding the higher value deals, we observe two clear sector trends: investment in gaming companies approaching the market from a social networks perspective (e.g. PlayFish, Playdom, Zynga), and increased interest in Chinese online media companies (, Phoenix New Media,


November – seventh month to close above $200 million in 2009: Total transaction value in the Web 2.0 universe for November ended at $203.4 million. The number of financings increased to 18, averaging $11.3 million each (vs. an average of $11.9 million over 17 deals as of last week). In comparison, total capital raised in October was $171.3 million, averaging $6.3 million (27 deals); September was $232.8 million, averaging $9.0 million (26 deals); and August was $221.6 million, averaging $7.6 million (29 deals).


Market pull-back continues: Nineteen companies in our universe had positive stock price performances over the past week (for stocks with prices greater than $1), while 28 companies showed negative 1-week returns.

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The HTC Magic with Google Android reviewed

The HTC Magic was announced at Mobile World Congress this year and it’s been getting a lot of buzz. It’s a shame that more Android phones aren’t on the market but the few that have come out are looking very slick.

The HTC Magic is the newest phone designed on the Google Android platform. The device has many of the same features that the HTC G1 is packing, obviously because they’re both running Android. Why choose this device over the G1? It’s all in the handset design. The G1 is a little more bulky and if having a phone that fits nicely into your pocket is a big priority, then you should consider buy the HTC Magic instead.

The HTC Magic is expected to retail between 99 and 199 Euros and will launch initially on Vodafone. Although Europeans will have the first crack at the device, T-Mobile is expected to pick it up in the near future where it will likely be called the G2.

For a full review of the HTC Magic, check out DAP’s full review of the device.


Samsung Tocco Ultra 8300 impressions and details

The Samsung Tocco Ultra 8300 is available now and it’s going to do a great job capturing a young audience looking for a media rich phone but don’t need push email. The device is a 12.8mm slider with a duralumin anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint casing.

In terms of media, the Tocco Ultra boasts an 8MP camera that comes with a dual LED flash, autofocus and video recording. The display is touch sensitive and is 2.8 inches. At 3G with HSDPA, you’ll be able to download all your favorite vids and pics sans hassle. Also, the phone features an accelerometer that will make web browsing much easier a la iPhone.

This phone is perfect for a very particular demographic in North America, but the real market for this device will be in its native country South Korea. Many of North America’s devices are shifting towards full QWERTY because it’s the easiest way to type SMS and emails to friends and coworkers. Korea and many other Asian countries on the other hand, prefer a keypad based phone because Asian characters are fewer and better represented in that way. That previous statement obviously excludes Chinese because you couldn’t possibly fit every Chinese character onto a phone.

Here in the West, this phone will be especially popular with a demographic that wants a classic style phone that fits nicely in your pocket, but has all the rich media capabilities of a modern smartphone.



Nokia 6700 review, specifications and impressions

The Nokia 6700 is a 5 megapixel camera phone that is the latest Series 40 device by Nokia. The device has some nice specs with an autofocus camera, GPS navigation with Nokia Maps and the Nokia WebKit Open Source Browser which was previously only available for Series 60 handsets.

The device is fairly thin at only 11mm but there is a lot inside it. The device supports both quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS networks (plus HSDPA up to 10 Mbps). Also built into the device is an accelerometer which for tap-for-clock and turn-to-mute features.

The Nokia 6700 will be shipping with a 1GB microSD card and will be available in the usual metallic colors: Silver metallic, Matte metallic, Black metallic, and Brown metallic.

Expect the phone to retail for 235 euro in Q3 2009.

The HTC Magic review, specifications and impressions

The HTC Magic is a slick looking device with a curvy design that seems reminiscent of the Android G1. The device features a rollerball, quick keys, and a much improved camera. Video recording and the responsiveness of the camera have been improved for the launch of this device and will surely please.

The first difference from the G1 that you’ll surely notice is that it is thinner and lacks a keyboard. Other than that, you can expect the same screen resolution and size. The screen might be somewhat brighter and the color temperature slightly different, but now we’re getting into some minor details.

Overall, the phone is a good device for touchscreen lovers who want an Android phone but would like something a little slimmer with no slide out keyboard. The device looks very pretty and it’s nice to see the Android platform start to influence the look and feel of a device. For a company that also manufactures the less-than-beautiful Windows Mobile, they’re really proving they can make a wide variety of devices.

Help the environment and recycle your mobile at CTIA

Starting next week, Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), will team-up with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Plug-In To eCycling program to encourage cell phone recycling during Plug-In To eCycling National Cell Phone Recycling Week, April 6-12. Samsung Mobile will be handing out mobile phone recycling envelopes at the Samsung Mobile booth at CTIA Wireless 2009, leading up to the official kick-off of the EPA’s program on April 6.

Samsung Mobile’s Take-Back recycling program is a part of Samsung Recycling Direct SM which allows consumers to recycle both Samsung-branded and non-Samsung branded consumer electronics for no fee throughout all 50 U.S. states. AT&T, Samsung, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless are supporting this nationwide effort with special promotions highlighting cell phone recycling.

This was a guest post by Nick who normally blogs about mobile phone deals at the DAP blog

Everything a serious blogger should know

The commitment

In order to maintain a successful site, you need at least 5 articles per day. These 5 articles are broken into quick links (called QLs) and features. A good balance is 4 QLs and 1 Feature. It’s good to get into this mentality for a few reasons:

  • Stops you from over-posting (there is always tomorrow)
  • Allows to cover the day’s scene
  • Forces you to get in a daily grind
  • Each day has a traffic driving post
  • If you can only commit to a post a week, don’t bother. Now you might be asking why QuicklyBored isn’t following the above formula. Well it has for a long time, but this is a recession folks. My time is completely taken up by because it generates more money and traffic.

    Choosing your blog

    As I described above, a blog should be a full time commitment. If you’re doing something every single day, you’re going to have to enjoy what you write about. Once you’ve got your head wrapped around the fact that this blog is a daily commitment, start thinking about what you’re going to blog about.

    Niche markets are key when choosing a blog with a future. The thought process should be:

  • What do I like?
  • What can I write about?
  • What do I know about this that most people don’t?
  • Who am I writing for?
  • Let’s say for example you’re into video games. There are a ton of video game blogs out there so now it’s time to find a niche. What games do you like? Maybe you could blog about the company that makes the games you like. Maybe you like listening to music while you play vids. If that’s the case, blog your gaming playlists.

    Getting down to writing

    When it comes time to writing, it’s important to know that you’re writing on the internet and a certain degree of technical understanding is in order. Know the technology behind how your content is being discovered and read. Here are some key technologies to know:

  • Google analytics
  • Open source blogging platforms
  • Basic HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Excerpts, categories and tags
  • RSS feeds and readers
  • IP addresses
  • Comments and comment moderation
  • With these technologies, you’re going to make sure that people are finding what you’re reading and sharing it with others. Remember, the end goal of a blog is to build a place where knowledge, ideas and opinions are shared. Even if you’re blogging about how great your tits look in the morning, you want people finding those tits, telling their friends about them and sharing their thoughts about them.

    Also, you should know all the basic video, audio and pic editing software. Final Cut, iTunes, Garageband and Photoshop will be of daily importance.

    Monetize or go home

    If you’re not in it for money, then you’re a walking billboard for your favorite subject: “ME.” You’ll be surprised how much you learn about your readers and what they like. It helps to shape your writing as well. For example, when I write about BlackBerrys and see that sales of cases are up, I know people want to read about some cool cases. In the end, your writing job gets easier and you’re rewarded for being smart.

    Social networking works

    Social networking is addictive and while it serves as a great promotional tool, it can also suck up all your time. Have a game plan with social networks. Make friends both in your field of interest, but also who are pals and can keep you entertained. Think of your Twitter followers as a babe you want to impress, and the people you follow like your wing men. The people you follow big you up while you try pick up lines with people out of your league.

    Goals, direction and redesigns

    It’s going to take a long time for your blog to really gain some steam. It’s important to have the patience and persistence of Santiago. When it comes to traffic, think of it like your stock portfolio. If you check your stocks everyday, you’ll be on highs and lows that will make you feel like an OC housewife. No amount of Xanax will help you on a bad day. So just check it either biweekly or every month. It also helps you keep focused on the big picture.

    Now that you’ve actually read this much, you have to comment.

    Can’t think of anything to say? Comment your personal or favorite blog. Shameless self promotion welcome (no Viagra blogs).